Gina Buckney

Global Transformation Director, Former Head of UK Customer Services for BT, Self-Help Author, Corporate & TEDx Speaker

How to hire Gina Buckney

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Gina Buckney's official speaking topics are listed below:

  • The Skill of Being Agile to Change - Unlock the power of adaptability with this captivating keynote presentation. Gina, armed with agile expertise honed at Lloyds Banking Group, has harnessed this skill to successfully deliver a multitude of projects and programmes. This presentation showcases how enhancing ‘personal’ agility for change can yield profound advantages for individuals and the workplace alike. Explore how the ability to pivot and embrace change empowers employees, leading to enhanced personal growth, increased resilience, and a more dynamic, forward-thinking work environment. Join us on a journey towards a more agile and adaptable workforce, where the benefits are tangible and transformative.

  • Empowering Your Talent Pool - Gina imparted valuable insights, inspirational stories, and practical techniques that empowered her to successfully secure, manage, and lead major contracts valued between £400-500 million at the age of 28. She has been accountable for teams of over 450 people in the male-dominated fields of Engineering, Finance, and IT, all while collaborating with esteemed organisations including BT, Barclays, and Lloyds, and more recently gone on to advise and motivate global leaders such as Microsoft, Amazon, and The Ministry of Defence/British Army.

  • Building Winning Teams Through D&I - A cutting-edge topic for this year, Gina recently delivered this presentation to a highly respected audience, earning accolades as "The most outstanding talk they've ever experienced." Gina draws from her extensive education and hands-on experience collaborating with numerous Multinational Corporations. She delves into the essential elements of team establishment and structure for achieving success, with a special emphasis on the significance of diversity and inclusion (D&I) and the well-being of team members.

  • The Importance of Emotional Intelligence for Leaders in Today's Society - Enhance your organisation with leaders who possess Emotional Intelligence (EQ). These exceptional individuals connect deeply with their teams, fostering trust, collaboration, and open communication. They excel in conflict resolution, employee motivation, and balanced decision-making, creating a positive work culture and driving productivity. Book this talk to discover how EQ leaders can transform your organisation, enhancing teamwork and propelling your company toward success.

  • Workplace Wellbeing - Explore the profound impact prioritising employee wellbeing has on personal and professional lives. Recent research underscores the transformative effects: improved mental health, reduced stress, less burnout and enhanced work-life balance. By placing wellbeing at the forefront, you empower your workforce to lead happier, healthier lives both inside and outside the office. This keynote champions cultivating a culture where your employees' wellbeing flourishes, and watch as they thrive in all aspects of their journey through this useful and practical education.

  • Workplace Wellbeing: Leaders - Uncover the strategic significance of workplace wellbeing in relation to performance and profitability. Recent studies unveil a direct correlation between employee wellbeing and heightened engagement, staff retention, creativity, and effective problem-solving. Make wellbeing a priority to cultivate a flourishing corporate culture happiness and peak performance intersect, shaping a brighter future for your organisation. Learn these secrets to success in this captivating keynote and educate your leaders on how to bring this to life in the workplace.
  • The Power to TAP (Transform at Pace) - In the ever-evolving business landscape, the power to TAP (Transform at Pace) is the key to staying ahead. In this engaging presentation, Gina will explore how tapping into the vast resources of human and emotional intelligence is the catalyst for accelerating transformation within your organisation. Drawing from her extensive experience, she will delve into practical strategies and innovative approaches that empower individuals and teams to navigate change more effectively.

Official Feedback from In-Person & Virtual Events

"I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say how incredible Gina was at our event yesterday. She absolutely nailed the brief and brought such energy and professionalism to the event. We had great feedback from the attendees and quite honestly could not have wished for any more. Please pass on our thanks to Gina and we hope to work with her again in the future, we could not recommend her more within HSBC." - Freya, Associate Director, HSBC

"Gina was great, very professional and punctual." - Learning Pool

Gina Buckney was the keynote speaker at The Barbican, London, for EDF Energy. Here are the comments from the audience -

'Gina the speaker was such a great speech. It was very empowering.'

'Gina's speech - she was amazing and very inspiring'

'Liked most – Gina's speech'

'Good guest speaker'

'Liked Most - The external company speaker'

'Loved the guest speaker'

'The speaker was really good'

'All of it but especially the Motivational speaker'

'Good to have external speakers with different perspectives'. Amy, Learning Experience Manager, People Development, EDF Energy

Gina Buckney delivered a keynote talk at Morgan Stanley, Canary Wharf, London for their Brazilian client XP Invesitmentos. Here is feedback from the coordinator –

"The group enjoyed the talk given by Gina and seemed very happy with the service provided." - Jocelyn, Director, Regent Travel & Incentives Ltd on behalf of XP Investimentos

Gina worked with Aegon Financial Services to create and tailor a bespoke talk to their Scottish Team in the UK.

"Working with Gina over the last few months has been a pleasure. Not only is she infectiously positive but she really took time to understand our business and our requirements for an engagement talk with Aegon colleagues. The session was well attended and really delivered what we needed it to, a talk on how delivering exceptional experiences in a busy environment is as much about looking after yourself as it is about looking after our customers. Thank you." - Claire, Aegon

Gina Buckney was the keynote speaker at the 2022 Annual Conference for the Institute of Internal Communications.

"Jen and I just wanted to say a big thank you for being part of our Festival. It was the perfect way to end it – your speech was heartfelt, thought-provoking and so relevant. I watched the crowd ...... and they were captivated, it really, really resonated." - Rebecca, Events & Awards Manager, Institute of Internal Communication

"I just want to add my personal thanks. Thank you so much for joining us and closing our Festival – you left us feeling inspired to make a difference and I am so grateful that you shared your story." - Jennifer, Chief Executive, Institute of Internal Communication

Gina Buckney was the keynote speaker for Chemetall’s wellbeing initiative and delivered a talk to their Northern American division of BASF.

“Gina is an incredible speaker and really lifts the aura of the room with her presence. Gina really broke down the gender bias and opened up interesting conversations within the workplace. It's important to see and hear role models like Gina to highlight how important diversity is and how her real life examples have made her the successful ambitious women she is. I think having Gina as part of a well-being programme is key for any company that is looking to take care of their employees. Thank you Gina for an eye opening session”.  Steve, Director, Talent Acquisition and Development, Chemetall (providing feedback to Champions)

“I want to thank you so very much for your great presentation yesterday. You did a wonderful job explaining what Change Management is and shared your personal story of how you changed your life around for the better. Your story was so very inspiring and lifted the spirits of so many watching you. Again, great job and we received such great feedback.Looking forward to having you join next year. Thanks again.” Steve, Director, Talent Acquisition and Development, Chemetall (providing feedback to Gina directly)

Gina Buckney was the keynote speaker for National Health Awareness Day 2022 for Lightsource BP live streaming to their teams across the globe.

"Gina went above and beyond to deliver the messages that we discussed in our prep session alongside her own experiences." - Lee, Light Source BP

"The sessions were great thanks Mark, two really interesting speakers and offered some interesting experiences. They complemented each other quite well too with their different approaches." - Jonathan, Light Source BP

Gina Buckney was a keynote speaker in Cardiff, Wales, for the Welsh Housing Association Annual Conference and received this feedback -

"I very much enjoyed your talk today at the CHC Conference, it was both powerful and moving" - Lesley, Management Consultant, CHC.

Gina Buckney delivered a pre-recorded virtual video on mental health and wellbeing for Monster Energy’s townhall session with fantastic results.

"Gina's presentation was great, just what we wanted. It went down really well yesterday, we've received some really positive feedback! Please pass on a big thank you to Gina from us, and thanks to you too for organising it. We are very pleased with how it went, and I think we would like to use Gina again, we just need to think how and when" - Emma, EMEA Cares Programme Manager, Monster Energy Europe Limited 

"It's great Mark. Gina has got it just right for the Monster employees, it's just what we were hoping for! ... thanks to you and Gina for turning it around at such short notice for us" - Emma, EMEA Cares Programme Manager, Monster Energy Europe Limited 

Gina Buckney delivered an inspirational talk on Mental Health and Wellbeing to the Europe and US team at ParcelLab.

"Gina's digital session around Mental Health & Wellbeing was outstanding. She constantly engaged with the crowd, shared lots of helpful tips and inspired us. We had a great time and it was a pleasure listening to Gina." - Alina, People & Culture Manager, parcelLab

Gina Buckney delivered a virtual keynote talk to the employees at Homes for Haringey with fantastic feedback from the client.

"Thank you very much for linking us with Gina and setting up/coordinating the talk with her. Can you pass on my thanks to Gina for the talk. I think it was pitched perfectly and really gave staff some great insights and tips on resilience to help us deal with change positively. Although there weren't any questions asked at the session (even from my planted ones – don't know what happened there!), there have been a lot of staff commenting on how much they enjoyed the talk – more than there have been for any of our other sessions, so I know the talk went down well" - Jaime, Homes for Haringey

Gina Buckney delivered another inspirational and educational talk with fantastic feedback.

"Everything went great! Participants were very engaged in the Q&A session. I've got feedback from the client and it was very engaging. So no doubt 100% success!" - Gosia, Senior Project Manager, MEA x EWENEMENT

  • 2022 - Passed the Emotional Intelligence & Empathy at Work qualification from the University of California, Berkeley with 96%
  • 2022 - Selected to join the 2022 Santander UK Breakthrough Women's Business Leaders Mentoring Programme, powered by Moving Ahead
  • 2020 - Author of Journals for Life
  • Former Head of UK Retail Customer Services for BT
  • Speaker at the NatWest Women in Business Leadership Events
  • Creator of Your People Are Your Power Programme