Alex Staniforth

Survivor of Two Avalanches on Mount Everest & The Fastest Person Ever to Climb All 100 UK Country Tops By Bicycle, Foot & Kayak

How to hire Alex Staniforth

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Alex's official speaking topics are listed below:

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing - As we emerge from the pandemic into some resemblance of what we knew before, a wave of burnout is quickly taking its place. Living in survival mode and uncertainty for so long has depleted our mental health, eroded the boundaries between work and home, and created an ‘always on’ culture that undermines positive well-being habits. Resilience is about recharging - not enduring. Alex’s record-breaking ultra-marathons will help us build a proactive approach to well-being, focus on our own race, and take a step back to step forwards. We will explore the warning signs and consequences of burnout, and why recovery starts with taking one small step.

  • Overcoming Adversity - We’ve all been on the same mountain, but not everyone is a Sherpa, and well-being has jumped top of the agenda for most businesses as we emerge from the pandemic. Simply ticking boxes isn’t enough with stress and anxiety now the biggest cause of all workplace sickness absence. In this keynote, Alex will share his honest personal lived experiences of depression, anxiety and eating disorders as a teenager, using the power of vulnerability to break down stigma, particularly for men, and encourage an open mental health culture. The literal peaks and troughs of adventure offer a unique perspective to dispel common myths and break down the barriers to positive well-being. We will learn how to spot the warning signs, identify coping strategies, the importance of purpose and how to support others.

  • Building Resilience - We are conditioned to keep striving for the next big target, yet this straight-line approach to achieving success only leaves us vulnerable to the inevitable shocks on the way. Fear of so-called failure remains a barrier to achieving our full potential. We can’t always control our challenges – but we can control our response. Sometimes not achieving our goals can teach us more than achieving them. Two Everest disasters will break the mould of success and help us adopt a process-focused approach instead. We will adopt a growth vs fixed mindset, and explore the importance of commitment, purpose and reflection.

Feedback from in-person events

Alex is often booked as a speaker for corporate events, read his latest feedback below.

"Alex’s keynote address positively inspired our Leaders of the Future conference audience - whatever their age. His impassioned talk transformed our day from being just a good one to being exceptional. He was also a very tough act to follow!" - Phillip, CEO, Boss Federation

"You brought together a large and varied audience of different roles, ranks and departments, and your presentation gave them the platform to step out of work, devote some time to themselves and their own mental health, offering your perspective and some techniques they can go away and use, and to realise that they are not alone. To link your expedition to Covid was brilliant and allowed us to think about things differently. Sometimes the approach to mental health within organisations as big and cumbersome as ours can feel a bit of a tick box, superficial exercise, but your sessions felt very different, very real, very humble and very authentic. In my view, you will have made a difference much bigger than you may think or ever know." - Chris, Chief Superintendent, Cambridge Police

Feedback from virtual events

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Alex was booked as the exciting guest speaker for virtual events and webinars. Read his latest feedback for virtual events below.

"Alex delivered a virtual motivational speech via Skype to circa 150 leaders in our business. The event was very well received with many leaders commenting on the relevance of Alex’s journey to our challenges and since the event, several leaders have linked back to Alex’s content – describing their “resilience rucksack” and the question “are you pulling on the rope?” has entered our lexicon. I was particularly impressed with the preparation and tailoring Alex was able to do to make the message even more pertinent to our business – it was a truly inspirational session summed up by one comment – “I can’t believe you just paid us to listen to that!" - Robert, GM Core Manufacture, Rolls-Royce Submarines


Everything was excellent, thank you. The pre-meeting set-up, the session itself and follow-up were all exemplary. We had a lot of great feedback from the team.  Rob, Wilmington plc