How Did Sir James Dyson Become The Best?

One of Britain’s most famous inventors Sir James Dyson saw another historic victory go his way after he last week won his appeal in European Court over claims that suction tests favour his competitors’ vacuum cleaners.

Back in 2015 he lost a legal battle whilst trying to prove that tests on his products provided misleading efficiency ratings. When most people think of Sir James Dyson they think of his highly successful Dyson vacuum cleaners and whilst this is clearly the product that helped him make his name, there is much more to the man than household appliances. Below we aim to help you discover what turned Sir James from an average boy in Norfolk to one of the richest men on the planet.

Who is Sir James Dyson?

Currently, Sir James Dyson’s net worth sits at a staggering £7.8 billion and his innovation and ambitious personality was clear to see from an early age. He studied engineering at university and one of his early inventions was the ‘Ballbarrow’ a wheelbarrow which used a ball instead of a wheel, a technique he has adopted for a variety of his products.

As well as vacuum cleaners he launched the ‘Dyson Airblade’ hand drier in 2006 which is now commonplace in public toilets all over the country and a range of hair dryers which includes a smaller motor to reduce noise and provide better balance.

How did Sir James Dyson set up his business?

Starting a business is never an easy task and the Dyson company was officially formed in 1987 and continues to make a profit to this day. Using his skills as an engineer, when a vacuum cleaner purchased from Walmart blocked suction he took it apart, fixed the issue and took it back to the store vowing to develop a better product for them.

From here the Dyson company was born and the business now has produced hundreds of products to countries all over the world. They have even delved into the world of robotics conducting research alongside Imperial College London.

What made Sir James Dyson famous?

There are millions of products in the world each with their own inventor and entrepreneur behind it but most people would struggle to name most of them. However, Sir James Dyson is instantly recognisable to the majority of the population.

A key factor of his fame is the innovation he showed when producing these products. By identifying a problem in the market and adding a unique spin to it, popularity soared and by frequently appearing on his own television adverts quickly became a household name.

In 2007, he was made a knight of the realm and knows all about what it takes to be successful. Sometimes you need to face negative experiences in order to achieve your goals and one of his most famous quotes sums up that sentiment. “The key to success is failure… success is made of 99 percent failure.”

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