X-Factor Finalists

British music act and X Factor finalists F.Y.D are one of few non-manufactured bands to reach the reality series’ final in recent years, pitted against the hugely successful boy band One Direction F.Y.D remained respected musicians and performers.

With each band member boasting singing and dancing experience before appearing on the talent show F.Y.D have since gone on to gig around the UK, performing at a number of exclusive venues and for a variety of audience types. Each of the band’s members are hugely talented singers and accomplished dancers whose style is perfectly suited to their upbeat and modern song choices.

Originally named F.Y.E (which stood for For Your Entertainment) the band changed their name to F.Y.D (Follow Your Destiny) at the suggestion of Simon Cowell after their first audition. The group perform covers of contemporary R&B and pop songs F.Y.D are a truly impressive music act, thanks to their background as backing dancers these boys really know how to put on a show!

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Watch F.Y.D on the X Factor, here: