Tony ‘Banger’ Walsh

Famous Ex-Wrestler & Leading Entertainer

One of the nation’s most recognisable and memorable wrestlers, Tony ‘Banger’ Walsh spent his career at the forefront of a wrestling craze in the UK. Entering onto the scene fit, young and more than a little handy, Tony had found his place in show business. A compelling after dinner speaker and entertainer, Tony describes to audiences how he rose to the top of his game and appeared in front of millions on television each week.

Learning to fight in the way of a wrestler, Tony became part of Joint Promotions wrestling portfolio, fighting the likes of Big Daddy, Tony became known for his entertaining style of fighting and natural ability to get a crowd excited. Walsh soon began to realise that wrestling was not based on the best man winning, and fights were often prearranged and the result decided before bouts even began. During talks as an after dinner speaker, Tony portrays the controversy behind the scenes of his sport and how to he came to act on what he found.

With the intensity of wrestling beginning to take a toll on Tony’s health. After losing his sister in a car crash, Tony was shocked of the lack of support and sympathy from the wrestling world. With his career soon to be over thanks to the toll the sport had taken on his body, Tony decided to expose the injustice of wrestling to the public.

Ousting the fixers, ring rats and hypocrisy of the sport, Tony led the crusade of wrestlers who had suffered in the business. An exciting and interesting speaker, Tony experienced every aspect of wrestling and saw the business for what it really was. During talks, guests can experience what it felt like to stand in front a crowd to go and wrestle every week in the knowledge of your actions being broadcast to millions.

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