Michael McIntyre


The most successful comedian in the UK, Michael McIntyre is world-famous for his outstanding stand-up performances on the world’s biggest stages, making hilarious observations on the amusing incidents of daily life. With his trademark floppy black hair, hysterical facial expressions and mannerisms, Michael has taken the world of comedy by storm, and his success continues to grow.

However, Michael did not have an easy walk into international success; there were years of hard work and disappointment before he won the hearts of the nation, despite being born to parents who were also performers. His Hungarian mother Katia was a dancer and his father was the Canadian comedian Ray Cameron, who co-wrote the shows of Kenny Everett.

Despite his famously posh accent, Michael actually came from a working-class background, but had spent many of his school years in public education where he had picked up the accent. However, when his father lost his money, Michael was switched to a college, before he went to the University of Edinburgh to study sciences, but dropped out after a year to pursue script-writing. It was at this time he met his beloved wife, Kitty Ward.

Although nothing came of the script he was writing, Michael married Kitty, and the two have been together ever since, riding out all the struggles that came over the following years. Michael spent the next few years searching for success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but despite his efforts, his ambitions continued to fall flat. Looking back on these years of disappointment, he thinks that maybe he was ‘too jovial’ for the crowd, not testing the limits of edginess and appropriateness with his jokes.

Despite the consecutive failures and frustration, Michael continued to try to make it at the Fringe, but was working himself into more and more debt, eventually reaching £30,000. However, when his first son was born, Michael realised something needed to change.

He changed agents to someone who was more serious about his career, and in 2006, he made his breakthrough as he landed a performance on the Royal Variety Show, in front of members of the Royal family. He performed on the show again in 2008, and by 2010, he was the youngest ever host of the variety show. He hosted it again in 2014. Shortly after his first appearance on The Royal Variety Show, Michael released his first DVD, ‘Live and Laughing which was a huge success. In total, he has released four DVDs, which have sold a combined total of over 5 million copies in the UK, and his second DVD, ‘Hello Wembley’ was the fastest selling comedy DVD ever, with a total of 1.4million copies sold.

Having appeared on ‘Live at the Apollo’ three times, in 2009 Michael got his own show on BBC One, ‘Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow’ on which other comedians performed, and provided a means for rising stars in the comedy industry to make themselves known. He has appeared on comedy panels and chat shows, such as Have I Got News for You and The Big Fat Quiz of the Year.  Michael also had a stint as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, in 2011, but left after one season so he could prepare for his tour in 2012. It was following this tour that Michael became the world’s biggest selling comedian.

The content of Michael’s shows are usually based on everyday life that his audience can relate to. He frequently refers to his wife and two young sons to illustrate his stories of the amusing occurrences of family life. He is a skilled physical comedian, often leaping about from one sid5e of the stage to the other and imitating the subjects of his jokes, whether it be his wife and kids or the spices in the back of his kitchen cupboard!

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“The evening was a great success and Michael McIntyre’s performance was absolutely brilliant. He made some really hilarious references about the business, striking a perfect chord with our audience. Michael was so well received by our guests so on behalf of everyone at COBA International, please can you convey our sincere thanks to him (and you at Champions) for really making the occasion extra special, and it was an absolute pleasure to meet him.” – Mark, Richard, Ria, Rachel and all at COBA International