Sir Lenny Henry CBE


Black Country born comedian Lenny Henry CBE is one of the most recognisable faces in mainstream British comedy, with a career that spans more than forty years Henry has dabbled in everything from children’s television to political satire and comic acting.

The son of Jamaican immigrants Lenny Henry CBE was a pioneer of black comedy, making his big break in the late 1970’s appearing in the LWT sitcom The Fosters, Henry carved a niche for himself as a young black man impersonating white celebrities and public figures and was notably the only black performer in the Black and White Minstrel’s troupe where all members were painted in blackface make up for their shows.

Throughout the 1980’s Lenny Henry CBE maintained a successful career as a stand-up comedian and television actor in Britain, hosting the children’s TV programme Tiswas, writing and performing in the series Three of a Kind and his own series the Lenny Henry Show. In the early 90’s however Henry was drawn to Hollywood where he starred in the film True Identity and began cultivating a more serious acting career, including taking part in the BBC drama Alive and Kicking alongside Robbie Coltrane.

Continually returning to his comedian’s roots however the year 2000 saw the launch of Henry’s new sketch show, Lenny Henry in Pieces which prompted the production of another season of the Lenny Henry Show in 2004. As well as his work as a comedian and actor Lenny Henry CBE is also well known for his work with charity, most notably as one of the leading figures behind the British Comic Relief charity. Hosting the live shows, taking part in fundraising activities and filming reports from overseas Henry was awarded a CBE in 1999 for his charity work. In 2003 Henry was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work as a comedian and in more recent years has maintained a commercial advertising contract with the hotel chain Premier Inn.

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