Ben “Doc Brown” Smith


Ben Smith, otherwise known as Doc Brown, is a popular performer who specialises in rapping, comedy, acting, presenting and writing – as well as after-dinner speaking. On the speaking circuit, Ben is famed for his comical presentations and candid Q&A sessions. Covering such topics as broadcasting and managing pressure, he gives his audience an insight into what the limelight is truly like.

Raised in London, Ben graduated from the University of East Anglia with a degree in American History. When asked about his stage name, Doc Brown, Ben tells the story of his childhood; “Doc Brown’s been my nickname since school, after the scientist in Back to the Future, because I was gangly and geeky. When I started doing rap battles in my teens, it became my hip-hop handle and it’s stuck”. Establishing himself as a battle rapper in 2000, Ben’s combination rapping and comedy was a hit with the audience. Ben quickly established himself as a talented personality on the underground scene.

In 2004, Ben hosted his first event at Deal Real, named Friday Night Live. The evening provided an opportunity for young artists to prove their potential at an open mic night. Ben explained how he provided “light relief mixed with an authority necessary to marshal what was always a pretty raucous night” in a 2006 interview. The event’s popularity skyrocketed, and was soon attended by US elite hip-hop stars, including the Black Eyed Peas and Cee Lo. Headhunted by Mark Ronson, Ben was quickly snapped up to perform on Mark’s second album, and feature at a nightclub event with the likes of Amy Winehouse and Daniel Merriweather.

Ben has also featured as a comedian on a number of live, radio and television shows; including So You Think You’re Funny?, Look Away Now and Rudy’s Rare Records. Continuing his screen career, Ben has also led such popular shows as BBC’s 4 O’Clock Club, Midsomer Murders and Dave’s Crackanory. As an after-dinner speaker, Ben employs his experience performing to truly entertain his audience, no matter the demographic. Comical, authentic and dedicated, he is an invaluable addition to a wide range of events, capable of ensuring a memorable occasion.

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“Doc was excellent – he was the perfect choice for our requirements! The audience found him very funny and his last interactive track went down a storm! Had lots of people say to me afterwards how much they enjoyed him.” – The Drum

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