Bill Gates


Bill Gates is a prominent business magnate who is the architect behind Microsoft’s remarkable rise. As the co-founder of the tech giant, Gates has masterminded its development into the world’s largest software company.

With an estimated net worth of £103 billion, Gates was for some time the richest person in the world. Today he stands behind only Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos as the second richest person worldwide. And he has used his considerable wealth for good, becoming one of the most high-profile philanthropists and humanitarians of our time.

After leaving Microsoft, Gates embarked on a number of philanthropic ventures, donating huge amounts of money to scientific research and charity under the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

He founded and signed the Giving Pledge alongside Warren Buffet in 2009, allowing billionaires to give half of their wealth to philanthropy. Since then, he has spent much of his time and efforts attempting to eliminate polio and improve global health.

Beginning in 1975, alongside co-founder Paul Allen, Micro-Soft was launched as a software provider. A year later it dropped the hyphen and was registered under the trade name of Microsoft. In its early days, it would make an agreement with tech heavyweights IBM to be the exclusive software provider. IBM would attach their own brand name to the operating system but the press were quick to see Gates’ and Microsoft’s influence over the system.

Four years later, in 1985, Microsoft Windows was launched, expanding their range over the years to include Office 365, Xbox, Hotmail, Bing, as well as Windows OS to establish a monopoly over the software market.

A market leader in innovation, Microsoft today is used around the world in most homes and businesses. Its aggressive expansion strategy and ability to provide the software that matters most to consumers kept it on top.

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