Penny Power OBE

Founder Of Ecademy & Pioneer Behind LinkedIn

Penny speaks from the head and heart about her experience as an entrepreneur. Sharing the importance of community, skills and a strong mind. Penny is open, engaging and known to shock with her life experience of learning what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Penny is hired for her emotional and honest account of building a global trailblazing business and then recovering from the disruptive nature of competitors that came into a market that she dominated for 14 years.

She joined the Technology Sector in 1983 from school and built many sales channels for HP, Intel, Microsoft to name a few. She aspires to help people that find technology challenging. Penny is one of the few female business leaders in the sector, she became Sales and Marketing Director of a leading Technology Distributor.

She took a 5-year break in 1998 to have 3 children, Penny founded Ecademy, the UK’s first social network for business, a fore-runner to LinkedIn which followed in 2002 and FaceBook in 2004. Ecademy was sold in 2012. She has been a public speaker since 2002 and was hired to speak on Entrepreneurship, Social Media and Skills. Chairing many events, as well as speaking at them.

She authored her book in 2009 entitled Know Me, Like Me Follow Me which was followed by her Manifesto for Digital Business Britain in 2011 supported by Mark Prisk MP, UK Business Minister. This enabled her to amplify her voice and mission and become a Sector Leader and through this help others elevate their voice in their communities and lead change through purpose, engagement and skills.

Penny prefers to focus on the Micro Business, those that employ fewer than 9 people plus the sole trader and start-up. They make up 95% of the Business population and this group often find the workload and the strain of being in business and ‘going digital’ tough to manage around their already demanding schedules and business needs.

She founded the Digital Youth Academy in 2011 helping young people get jobs through apprenticeships. Before this there was no Digital Marketing Apprenticeships. Penny was awarded an OBE in 2013 for commitment to Entrepreneurship and Social Digital Development. In 2015, Digital Youth Academy was sold to The Seetec Group, a National Provider of Youth Employment and Apprenticeship Training.

More recently Penny has been working on an innovative new idea, The Business Café will bring social networking to the High Street via a network of Business Cafés dedicated to SME’s, run and managed by Young Adults being trained in giving Digital and Fintech Skills to the local business community.

To book Penny Power OBE as the keynote speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

“Wow Penny was absolutely brilliant, her talk was very aspiring and she hit the nail on the head with the brief. Penny engaged the audience brilliantly, and the support she showed for the programme pre- and post-talk was amazing. She networked, tweeted (lots) and facilitated some great discussions amongst the delegates.”

“Hi Penny – I tried, but failed to get to you through the throngs of adoring women around you at the breaks, you were truly wonderful so no surprise. You’re talk was amazing, your presence even more so.”

Hi Penny, absolutely loved your talk yesterday, really resonated and helped me shift so much, thank you so much for sharing your powerful and beautiful message

It was so great to hear about your journey. Thank you for inspiring us to keep packing each other’s parachute!

Hi Penny, I didn’t get a chance to talk to you after your talk but thank you for sharing your wisdom today. Your heart is so big and you are in a unique position to bridge the old world and the new with your credibility and understanding.

Penny it was truly a brilliant talk that touched me on so many levels – I found myself holding back tears as some of what you said really struck a chord. Thank you so much for that

I heard Penny speak at the Female Speaker’s Conference in London where, for me, she stood out remarkably from the rest. She was not just a speaker, she was a very much a human being speaking. She delivered her message in an engaging and passionate way but most of all she was clearly, obviously and authentically herself. It was a privilege to listen to a talk is so original and so refreshingly genuine

I’ve always admired Penny for her contribution to the business world, and recently I’ve had the honour to hear her deliver a captivating speech on the importance of keeping business personal. And all I can say is – WOW. It is quite remarkable that businesswoman of Penny’s caliber also has a great deal of approachability and humility, two qualities of extraordinary leaders. Penny sets a bar for all entrepreneurs and speakers alike. What a Power Woman!

This was my first time seeing Penny speak at the Female Speaker Conference and my overwhelming thoughts were around how bloody wonderful it is to hear a story about a woman in business who has achieved so much and who is NICE! She spoke a lot about the importance of connection in business and that business is personal. This proved to me what I already hoped was true about success in business. I wrote in big letters across my page ‘The most enriching thing you can do is be yourself.’ Something I have always tried to live by and a great reminder. Thank you Penny.

“We booked Penny to speak at our Female Speakers Conference this year and could not have wished for a better speaker to open the event. Penny has achieve SO MUCH in her business career and still is on of the most humble human beings I know. Her talk was deep, honest, insightful, inspiring and so much more. If you are looking for a speaker at your next event that really shows POWERFUL authenticity combined with business knowledge: go for Penny! We can’t wait doing more work with her in the future.”