Minette Batters

President of the NFU

Minette Batters is a stand-out name in British farming. As the President of the National Farmers Union (NFU), Minette is a vital cog in providing a voice for British farmers. Supporting farmers in receiving the best conditions in which to thrive, Minette’s role has ensured farmers are well represented in all their endeavours.

Having run her own farm and worked her way up from NFU member to county chairman of the association, Minette has been vocal in the community for many years, serving as a delegate for Wiltshire’s council and Regional Board Chairman for the South West. In her role as NFU President, she is entrusted with representing the needs of farmers all around the UK, supporting in issues such as farmer’s rights and the implementation of new laws. The NFU is one of the biggest and oldest trade associations worldwide and resultantly, Minette is regularly called upon to speak on various issues in the media.

A fantastic communicator, Minette is well-respected by all within the industry. She became the first woman to lead the NFU when she assumed the role in 2014. She since has played a crucial role in navigating the NFU through Brexit, helping to maintain positive relations and standards in the food trade.

Before her top role with the NFU, Minette co-founded campaigns like Ladies in Beef and the Great British Beef Week. She also supported campaigns such as Love British Food, helping the campaigns to gain traction, and find support in well-known brands such as Co-Op. As an agriculturalist, keynote speaker and pioneer in British food and farming – Minette’s reputation has shot up, making her among the leading luminaries in the field. Helping to ensure the integrity, standards and protection of British foods, farmers and animal welfare – her efforts continue to be essential to NFU and farming community.

Available for keynote speeches, covering a diverse array of topics from sustainability and the environment to politics and food standards. She can also speak about leadership, drive, determination and other themes relating to business. Ideal for corporate events, trade shows, conferences and private functions, Minette is a must for sharing tips and galvanising teams.

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When at corporate events, Minette is known to cover the following topics:

  • Agricultural Finance Speakers
  • British Farming
  • British Food & Cuisine
  • Leadership & Teamwork