Richard Hammond

Presenter of The Grand Tour

Richard Hammond first graced our radios as a leading radio presenter on regional radio stations before becoming part of one of the largest television shows in the world; BBC’s TopGear. An ideal TV Presenter for productions spanning from the motor industry to science, Hammond is a hugely experienced on-screen personality who is sure to give a polished performance.

Joining TopGear in 2002, Richard gained the nickname of ‘Hamster’ due to his comparatively small stature amongst his co-presenters James May and Jeremy Clarkson.  Amongst a multitude of achievements, Richard has taken on Bolivia’s ‘Death Road’, scaled the Atacama Desert and ridden the length of Vietnam on a motorbike during his time on the show.

In 2006, Hammond piloted a 370mph dragster named The Vampire. Unfortunately for Richard, one of the front right tyres burst on one of his runs at RAF Elvington, causing the dragster spiralled off track causing a huge crash at a speed of 288mph. Richard was hospitalised after suffering sever neurological injuries. After being in a coma for two weeks after the crash, Richard made his recovery and returned to the show four months later.

A wonderful motivational speaker, Richard can use his extensive experience of overcoming the adversity of a considerable injury and making a full return to health. Whether Richard is making a television programme or hosting an event, he is sure to be a compelling and interesting personality to have.

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