Bill Dod


Bill Dod is a well known international TV presenter, with a career that regularly takes him around the globe Bill is probably most well known for his work as a TV presenter for Russia TV. A qualified teacher Bill began his career as a radio and TV presenter working on BBC local radio where he was called upon to work as a host, correspondent and interviewer for a variety of events, issues and programmes.

Now an iconic and recognisable face from both British and European television Bill divides his time between working as a lead TV presenter for Russia TV and a host for British channels Ocean TV and Sky Travel. Bill’s broadcasting career sees him regularly travel from his home in the UK to Russia where, as a TV presenter for Russia TV he hosts a six hour news and current affairs segment, and has also brought him into contact with a number of high profile celebrities and public figures including President Barrack Obama when he made his high profile visit to Moscow.

As a news reporter and TV presenter Bill is known for his ability to think on his feet, his intelligence and swift, precise questioning abilities mark him out as a class above many of his radio and TV presenter peers. Alongside his work in broadcasting Bill has worked as an event host for a number of corporate events, including launching numerous new models for the car manufacturer Vauxhall, and hosting ceremonies and conferences for a number of British businesses. Beyond his work as an event host Bill is also known for his voice over work, where he has provided voice talents for various blue chip companies in both Britain and Europe.

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