Liam Blackwell (Liam Gatsby)


Otherwise known as Gatsby, Liam Blackwood is far from your ordinary reality television star. As a man of many talents, he has invested a portion of his career into professional football, having played for West Ham United in the earlier stages of his explosive time in the limelight. As a sportsman, Liam has gained a number of stories which he gladly shares as an events host, candidly and confidently discussing his experience in elite sport. For audiences eager to gain access to the secrets of the sport, Liam is the perfect speaker to appear at private functions and awards evenings.

Liam is a popular figure on the reality television show, The Only Way Is Essex. Due to this, he is equally as popular as an events host, booked to feature as the “famous face” at a wide range of events. Able to participate in both Q&A’s, meet and greets and to present public speeches, he is a highly sought after celebrity speaker. With a quick witted, personable nature and an abundance of insightful stories from his time in show biz, Liam is the full package.

On top of being an onscreen sensation, Liam has also been making waves in the world of music. The talented rapper made his debut with the popular grime singer, D Double E, in 2017. The duo released Liam’s hit song Helicopter with his record label, inspired by Liam’s love story with his partner. As a musician, Liam indulges in flashy cinematography and luxurious settings, resulting in a truly iconic music video. Supported by his co-stars from The Only Way Is Essex, he proves that he is a man of many talents. Liam can give a unique insight into the inner workings of producing music. For events that would benefit from a recognisable figure, Liam is the perfect choice due to his varied career – for those who do not recognise him as a footballer or a reality star, they may know him as the rapper, Gatsby.

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