Sylvester Stallone


One of the most iconic, revered and famous actors ever, Sylvester Stallone is nothing short of a legend. An American actor, film director, screenwriter, producer, and playwright, Stallone is a household name within the film and entertainment industry that has entertained viewers and fans throughout his career.

Renowned for his wonderful performances in action movies, Stallone is perhaps most famous for his acting, writing and director roles in the iconic Rocky series as the inspirational Rocky Balboa, five Rambo films where he is Jonny Rambo and most recently The Expendables films. Having also been involved in various capacities whether as an actor, writer of director, Stallone will forever live on for the Rocky series which without doubt is one of the most popular film series‘ ever created.

Rocky was inducted into the National Film Registry with its props placed in the Smithsonian Museum in addition to having landmarks such as the front entrance to the Philadelphia Museum of Art being known as the Rocky Steps for their importance in the film and as testament to Stallone and the attention drawn to the monument has led to a Rocky statue at the site ensuring his legacy will live on forever.

An inspirational and motivational after dinner speaker that is an example to everyone that anything is possible, such is the impact Sylvester Stallone has made in particularly with Rocky, Stallone was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. An incredible figure within a remarkable reputation, the revered Sylvester Stallone is perhaps unsurprisingly one of the most demand and requested after dinner speakers in the world.

Such is Stallone’s prowess and stature within the film industry, he has a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as well being a multiple Academy Awards winner for accolades such as Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor in addition to a recipient of a Golden Globe Award. Now into his 70s, age certainly is not a barrier to Stallone, the inspirational and simply remarkable actor has recently gone on to write, direct and act in the Creed films as a continuation to the Rocky legacy that has led to widespread adulation and multiple awards and accolades.

The award-winning, illustrious and extremely decorated actor has a large fan following and utilises his stature in a tremendous manner to inform, educate and inspire aspiring actors and actresses as an after dinner speaker in addition to helping people to dream and aspire for greater things in life.

Still learning, growing and expanding his already impressive resume, recently Sylvester Stallone has embarked upon yet another adventure as he formed as film studio aptly named Balboa Productions. Also a boxing promoter and owner of boxing promoting company, Tiger Eye Productions, in reference to the Rocky theme tune Eye of the Tiger that became famous with boxers, trainers and gymgoers around the world.

The recipient of the Heart of Hollywood Award, media and film sensation and household name, there are perhaps not enough superlatives to do justice to Stallone’s career. An expert in the entertainment industry that delivers leadership and educational anecdotes in addition to hilarious and intimate tales that have never before been told, the iconic real life Rocky, Sylvester Stallone is available to hire as an after dinner speaker where he is certain to be an unforgettable addition to any occasion.

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