Gary Connery

Professional Stuntman & Base Jumper

Gary Connery is a British stuntman with army training who has covered for actors in popular television series and huge blockbuster films including Batman, James Bond and Indiana Jones. With a background and training in the British armed forces Connery is a world famous skydiver and BASE jumper; he is known as the first man to land without a parachute following a wind suit jump.

His career as a stunt man has extended beyond the world of Hollywood movie stars and actors to that of British Royalty when in 2012 he replaced the Queen for a stunt performed as part of the Opening Ceremony for the Olympic Games. Other actors that Connery has stood in for as stunt double for include Gary Oldman and Leonardo DiCaprio in their roles in the movies Batman Begins and The Beach.

Outside his work as a stunt double for some of the biggest actors in the Hollywood movie industry Connery is arguably one of the most well-known BASE jumpers in Britain. He has completed over 400 jumps and has included iconic British landmarks such as Nelson’s Column and The London Eye in his performances.

Some of Connery’s biggest roles have been as an actor and stunt man and include appearances in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and various roles in the epic British fantasy series Harry Potter. His work has also extended to some of the biggest television shows of the last fifteen years including Game of Thrones and Wire in the Blood.

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