Seth Earley

CEO of Earley Information Science, Host of Earley AI Podcast & Author of "The AI-Powered Enterprise"



The AI-Powered Enterprise

The AI-Powered Enterprise

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Seth Earley's official speaker topics include:

  • ChatGPT and Large Language Models in the Enterprise: What Executives Need to Know
  • The Journey to AI-Powered Transformation: Practical Steps for Achieving Real Business Value
  • Knowledge Engineering – “The Last Mile” of Artificial Intelligence
  • Is your Data Ready for AI?

Official Feedback from In-Person & Virtual Events

Feedback from In-Person Events:

"Seth's practical approach to AI in his Information Development World keynote presentation provided a much-needed, realistic view of the technology for content professionals. His knowledge of content, information architecture, and content management helped to put the AI story into a broader context that any content pro could understand and relate to, and his humorous delivery engaged the IDW audience and ensured that his important messages about AI were received." - Andrea, CEO, Founder & Content Experience Strategy Consultant, Idyll Point Group

"Seth's keynote was informative and humorous. He cut through the AI hype and explained the technology's true promise and constraints. He also reminded us that high-quality, audience-focused, well-structured content is key to success in any digital communications channel, including AI-enabled channels." - Jacqui, User Experience Consultant, Olkin Communications Consulting

"We invited Seth to address our executive team and sixteen CEOs from our partner cooperative associations and to share his insights on the state if AI and its real-life, business applications. Seth provided us with the history of modern artificial intelligence and gave us a comprehensive overview of where this revolutionary technology is at today. Most important though, he led a discussion of the practical, real-life applications of AI to our business specifically. We appreciated the hype-free approach to the topic, as well as the candor on the risks inherent in this 'new frontier'. Coming out of the session, we had a much clearer understanding of the risks and opportunities that AI presents today. Just as important though was to get us thinking about short term opportunities for our business. Great talk!" - Juan, Chief Marketing Officer, AfFirst Farm Credit Bank

"Seth is a powerful speaker who understands the values of proper data management in large complex environments. Seth has a keen sense of the future direction of information science as it relates to the digital revolution. Seth keeps his audience engaged and active when presenting. Seth can sense the listeners understanding level and adapt his presentation on the fly to keep the topic relevant and engaging. I always enjoy listening to Seth speak and feel like I leave his presentations with a better understanding than when I walked in." - Timothy, Senior Director of Information Science, Thermo Fisher Scientific

"Seth Earley is a terrific speaker on a variety of content-related topics. His knowledge of the space, along with his industry affiliations, place him well above the pack. In addition, Seth is an engaging speaker. He clearly shows passion for his work, holds the attention of the audience, and provides a captivating and enjoyable experience. We enjoyed having him speak at Information Development World and look forward to additional opportunities in the future." - Val, CEO, Content Rules

  • 2024 – Invited to speak at Rezolve.AI’s Webinar Series on Generative AI & Enterprise Knowledge Management 
  • 2024 – Invited as a Guest Speaker at DataQG’s session on Knowledge & Content Governance in the Age of Generative AI 
  • 2024 – Featured in the Thinker360 Top Voices List for North America 
  • 2023 – Regular Contributor to CustomerThink 
  • 2022 – Recognised as one of the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Artificial Intelligence 
  • 2021 – Host of the Earley AI Podcast 
  • 2020 – Author of “The AI-Powered Enterprise: Harness the Power of Ontologies to Make Your Business Smarter, Faster & More Profitable” 
  • 2015 – Contributor to the Journal of Applied Marketing Analytics 
  • 2013 – Data Analytics Department Editor, IEEE 
  • 1994 – CEO, Earley Information Science