René Carayol

Founder & Chief Executive of Everyone. & the Inspired Leaders Network, Visiting Professor at Cass Business School, Former Managing Director of IPC Media (Now - Time Inc. UK) & Former Systems Director for PepsiCo







Spike: What Are You Great At?

Spike: What Are You Great At?

Corporate Voodoo: Business Principles For Mavericks And Magicians

Corporate Voodoo: Business Principles For Mavericks And Magicians

My Voodoo: A Practical Guide To Unleashing The Magic In You And Your Work

My Voodoo: A Practical Guide To Unleashing The Magic In You And Your Work

René Carayol received a 4.5 star rating across 11 events in 2023

"René Carayol is an exceptional executive coach and keynote speaker, renowned for his transformative insights into inclusive leadership. With a proven track record at companies like PepsiCo and Time Inc UK, and collaborations with luminaries like Nelson Mandela, René energises audiences with his authoritative presentations. His work enhances corporate culture and leadership, making him a pivotal asset for any business aiming to thrive in diversity and inclusion."

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René Carayol's official speaking topics are listed below:

  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Business Transformation
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Collaboration
  • Corporate Culture
  • Talent

Inclusive Leadership - Everybody In, Nobody Out:

To get the very best decisions, strategy and solutions, teams need to cover all bases, and that means they must be diverse and then inclusive. Sports teams have figured this out long ago. They have specialists with differing strengths from diverse backgrounds who come together in a dynamic fashion to deliver success. 

Culture is More Powerful Than Strategy:

René will share his extensive experience and exposure to some of the world's leading corporate cultures, telling his inspiring stories with his deft sense of humour whilst challenging everyone in the auditorium to think again about culture.

Manage a Little Less, Lead a Little More:

In recent times, a good enough management team, a good enough strategy and a good enough brand were good enough. This is no longer the case. The blunt instrument of management alone just doesn't cut it anymore. It is the time for leadership, and inspired leadership at that. 

Collaboration is the New Leadership:

"Nothing is best done alone anymore" - no one leader can make all the tough calls on their own anymore. In today's unforgiving markets, every leader requires the support of a diverse and high-performing team. Building a collaborative and collegiate culture demands a new approach to leadership and a change in mindset.

Strength-Based Leadership ~ SPIKE:

SPIKE will assist you in making the most honest assessment of your true (few) outstanding inherent strengths (spikes). SPIKE is the most straightforward and perhaps radical approach to: 

  • Building self-esteem & confidence
  • Identifying roles, jobs and careers that are right for you
  • Building truly inclusive high-performing teams
  • Ensuring no one is left behind

Official Feedback from In-Person & Virtual Events

Feedback from In-Person Events:

"René's wise counsel and experience has been transformational. Working intimately with René over the years has had a tremendous impact both on me and The World Bank" - The World Bank

"A big thank you for your priceless inspiration and motivation to our fabulous team over the past three days. You have left a phenomenal impression on me personally." - Bank ABC

"I wanted to thank you for a fantastic session. You promised storytelling and emotion and you certainly delivered." - Credit Suisse

"I don't know how to thank you enough. The grateful messages and emails are flooding in along the lines of 'that was such a fantastic talk - one of the best I have ever attended'." - Warner Media UK

"Thank you for everything you've done for me and the team, I couldn't have achieved these outstanding results without your support and guidance along the way." - Barclays Europe

"He is one of the most inspiring speakers and coaches I've ever had the privilege of working with." - Unite Students

"Still basking in the glory of Kuala Lumpur. What a success that was. Nearly everyone said it's the best offsite they've ever been on" - Standard Chartered Bank

"René Carayol really wowed the audience." - KPMG

"That was such a fantastic talk – one of the best I have ever attended. I can’t wait to continue talking and to be able to do that face-to-face. You’ve lifted our spirits with an impact that will last way beyond today." - WarnerMedia UK & Ireland

"A short note to say THANK YOU for a great session this morning. Your passion and energy for the topic really shone through and your authenticity through the story-telling really added to the whole experience." - E:ON

"A very insightful delivery that is life-transforming. You cannot remain the same after being exposed to these concepts that René talks about. A true leader himself, René shares time-tested values and principles that deliver results. I have been impacted for life!" - Coca-Cola

  • 2024 - Keynote Speaker at the World Credit Union Conference
  • 2021 - Founder & Chief Executive of Everyone.
  • 2021 - Executive Vice President of ESG for Medallia
  • 2017 - Author of "Spike: What Are You Great At?"
  • 2012 - Visiting Professor at Cass Business School
  • 2006 - Founder & Chief Executive of the Inspired Leaders Network
  • 2004 - Appointed MBE for Service to the Business Community
  • 2002 - Author of "My Voodoo: A Practical Guide to Unleashing the Magic in You & Your Work"
  • 2001 - Author of "Corporate Voodoo: Business Principles for Mavericks & Magicians"
  • 1999 - Managing Director of IPC Media (now Time Inc. UK)
  • 1995 - Board Director of IPC Magazines (now Time Inc. UK)
  • 1992 - Systems Director for PepsiCo
  • 1983 - Senior IT Manager for Marks & Spencer
  • LinkedIn Top Voice