Kristen Hadeed

Founder of Student Maid, Author of Permission to Screw Up, Two-Times TEDx Speaker & Named on the Top 100 HR Influencers of 2022

Permission to Screw Up: How I Learned To Lead by Doing (Almost) Everything Wrong

Permission to Screw Up: How I Learned To Lead by Doing (Almost) Everything Wrong

How to hire Kristen Hadeed

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Kristen Hadeed's official speaking topics are listed below:

  • Build a Culture of Belonging - In this session, Kristen shares what she’s learned as an entrepreneur who built a business with an industry-leading retention rate, even though her people spent their days cleaning toilets. She’ll help you see that it’s not only our work that matters . . . it’s how we feel while we are doing that work that makes or breaks our experience. Kristen will challenge you to reflect on the current state of your organization’s culture and help you identify what you can do to take it to the next level. You’ll learn the ingredients of building a culture of belonging, understand your role in creating that environment, and walk away with practical, actionable steps that you can take as soon as the session is over.

  • Deliver and Accept Feedback Effectively - We’ve all been there: We know we need to have a difficult conversation, but we do everything in our power to avoid it. Feedback conversations are hard, and yet, they’re often the most rewarding and important conversations we can have to help each other grow. When we have the tools to deliver feedback effectively and productively, difficult conversations can result in better relationships, trust, and a stronger culture. In this session, Kristen will teach you how to confront the issues you’ve been avoiding and help you reframe feedback as a powerful chance to build connection.

  • Build Meaningful Relationships - There can be many barriers to building relationships. For example, how do you strengthen connection when you aren’t in the same room? How do you build trust and make your interactions count when you are busy? How do you repair a relationship that isn’t where you want it to be? What type of conversations should be over email and what type should be on video or face-to-face? How do you ensure your messaging is received in the way you intended it to be? In this session you’ll learn how to use empathy, authenticity, and vulnerability to build stronger, more trusting relationships in your life and in your work.

  • Grow Resilience Through Self Care - The last few years have demanded so much from us. We’ve all had to learn how to navigate a new normal - often at the expense of our well-being. Years ago, we may have bounced back quickly from setbacks, but as the hits keep coming, it can be harder to find our resilience. More than any other skill she’s picked up on her 15-year entrepreneurial journey, resilience is the one that has served Kristen best. But she’ll be the first to tell you that you can’t have resilience without self-care. It’s important to set boundaries and take care of your own needs first so that your cup is full when you inevitably face challenges. Self-care isn’t selfish; it’s essential to maintaining our capacity for resilience and growth. And the more resilient we are individually and together, the more quickly we can pivot and adapt, the faster we will bounce back after setbacks, and the better we can take care of each other.

  • Bridge the Generational Gap - New generations entering the workforce isn’t a new phenomenon and it’s not something that will go away. After millennials come Gen Z, and after Gen Z it’s Gen Alpha. The only constant is change, and the fact is that organizations that embrace it and adapt are going to outperform the ones that don’t in the long run. As both a millennial herself and someone who has employed thousands of millennials and Gen Z’ers over the last decade, Kristen will teach you how to look beyond the stereotypes and create an environment that brings out the best in everyone: a place where people of all generations can thrive, contribute, collaborate, and work together in harmony.

Kristen is often booked as a speaker for a range of corporate events, read her latest feedback below.

"Kristen is, without question, one of the most inspiring, genuine, and authentic leaders I have ever met. She is truly a treasure chest of creative ideas and has a unique ability to provide and inspire with unconventional wisdom that helps drive a forward-thinking, progressive culture. Kristen’s work with leaders at Whitmor has had a meaningful impact on those individuals, adding fuel to the speed in which we continue to build upon our strong people-first culture. Above all else, I feel very blessed to be able to call Kristen a friend - I’m a stronger leader and person because of it" - Scott, CEO, Whitmor

"The world had unique needs for inspiration this year following the uncertainty that was 2020. Kristen was the answer for our team: She transformed 90 people in 90 minutes. She packed in empathy, permission, inspiration, tears, laughter and hope. If optimism has a face, it is Kristen Hadeed" - Shannon, VP of Sales, Keratase and Shu Uemura L'Oreal

"Kristen has become one of Cardinal's top external thought leaders. She brings the rare combination of amazing storytelling skills coupled with a powerful vision of the future of leadership. If you are looking to motivate a team or your entire company, there is no greater option available today than Kristen Hadeed" - Peter, Chief People Officer, Cardinal Group Companies

"Looking for a leadership expert and speaker who will wow your audience and help them laugh, learn, and lead? Well then Kristen Hadeed is your answer! I had the privilege of creating a custom digital program with Kristen for our Women’s Leadership Group in the Summer of 2020. We received such tremendous feedback from the session that we partnered with Kristen to develop a 4-part custom deep-dive series this past year. Kristen’s energy is incredible and her ability to keep people engaged is electric. I can’t wait to work with her on more upcoming projects" - Courtney, VP of Member Learning and Experience, Finesca

"Kristen has a gift unlike anyone that I've ever met. She has the ability to lead and develop people and businesses from students to CEOs. The influence and impact she is making with people across the country is unmatched. She is changing how we lead our teams. She is challenging how we think about development. She is teaching us and others how we bring humanity into the workplace - and our lives. Personally, working with Kristen at Whitmor has continued to enhance our Be Human culture. She challenges the way we think, has taught us how to have tough conversations with kindness, how to build trust amongst one another and how to remain people-first in some of the most challenging times we've faced both personally and professionally. Knowing Kristen is a joy and a blessing without a doubt. She exhibits true authenticity in everything she does. I can't speak for others but I can speak for myself and what I've seen in our teams - we are all better leaders and people because of Kristen" - Rachel, Head of People, Whitmor

"Of all the speakers we have heard on the topic of today’s changing workforce, Kristen’s message connected best with our senior leadership. It was a rare treat to have an executive who’s technically in the millennial demographic not only talking very objectively and plainly about the characteristics of her generation, but also bringing to the table real, tangible ideas and action items. So much of today’s conversation around generational difference results in divisiveness. To have Kristen come in with a unifying and energizing perspective is a breath of fresh air" - Mike, COO, Parkway

"Kristen Hadeed’s work with our college faculty, staff, and students over the last two years has been beyond what any of us could have imagined. Every time she sets foot on our campus, she exceeds our expectations, leaving us with a feeling of rejuvenation and a renewed sense of purpose. Each and every engagement is informative, interactive, creatively delivered, and meaningful. We are so thrilled that we found Kristen and that she decided to work with us" - Miguel, President, St. Francis College

"Kristen is a natural speaker and leader. She brings energy and enthusiasm to her audience and she relays tales about business, entrepreneurism, team building, and life. Her compassion for people shine, along with a sense of humour that engages and makes for a very enjoyable learning experience"- Taysa, Keller Williams Realtor

  • 2022 - Named as one of the Top 100 HR Influencers by Engagedly
  • 2022 - Named as one of the World's Top 10 CEOs
  • 2017 - Author of Permission To Screw Up
  • 2016 - Simon Sinek Optimist
  • 2009 - Founder of Student Maid