Justin Osmond

Speaker Who Captivates His Audience With Stories About Courage, Determination & Self-Belief In Order To Succeed

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"If you've ever felt like giving up,The examples from the life of Justin Osmond show that anything - and I mean anything - is possible." - Rudy Ruettiger (From the movie "Rudy")

"There is more to strength than having big muscles. A strong heart can bring you lasting happiness. My friend Justin shows how to use different kinds of strength and never give up on the things that really matter." - Lou Ferrigno - The Incredible Hulk

"We all love Cinderella stories. They speak to everything human about us. Justin’s underdog journey reaches the depths of the soul, and we are winners as we replay his victory on the field of life." - Steve Young - NFL Hall of Fame

"The school of hard knocks has taught me that life can be tough—no matter who you are. It takes courage and hard work for the average person to be great. Then there's Justin who goes beyond the norm. Despite his adversities, he has become an inspiration to so many people. You will be inspired by Justin and his undying ability to be optimistic, determined, and successful." - Donny Osmond - Singer and Entertainer

"Justin's story is truly inspiring. Discovering what he accomplished with all the challenges he faced in his life made me realize that none of us have to limit ourselves." - Orrin Hatch – Utah State Senator

“Justin Osmond has as much courage and dedication as the best athletes that I have scouted for the Steelers.”- Arthur J. Rooney (V.P. NFL Pittsburgh Steelers)

"Having been with Justin at missions for children and adults with hearing disabilities, I saw first-hand the caring and empathetic way he involves his heart and mind to deliver support and reassurance. A True Humanitarian." - Richard M. Schulze (Founder & Owner, BEST BUY)

"I am truly lucky to know Justin Osmond. Whenever he walks into a room, the whole room lights up. His smile is
infectious. His heart is so warm and an inspiration to us all, as he is to me." - Marlee Matlin, Deaf Actress

"Justin is nothing short of inspiring! His 250 miles to help deaf children hear truly touched my heart like no other. His self-less act delivered an uplifting and powerful message on how personal strength and perseverance can overcome incredible physical & emotional obstacles. Justin is a role model for ALL and his personal journey and story is a great example how through extraordinary human spirit and hard work, anyone can achieve their goals. Thank You Justin for your example of courage, sacrifice and determination!" - Marie Osmond (Singer & Entertainer)