Jenny Garrett OBE

Leadership coach, clocked over 4000 coaching hours. Founded the first-ever Diverse Executive Coach Directory in the UK



Rocking Your Role

Rocking Your Role

How to hire Jenny Garrett OBE

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Jenny Garrett's speaking topics are below:

Unlocking Your Leadership Story - discover how to craft and tell your story authentically and naturally to achieve results.

The growing trend of Female Breadwinners, Evolution or Revolution Jenny guides budding, and existing female breadwinners to consider what being a breadwinner will mean for them now and in the future.

How to become a Coaching Leader - When time and money are scarce, how do you motivate your team to increase performance and productivity? A solution focused approach is a quick, effective and positive approach.

#IamRemarkable - #IamRemarkable is a Google initiative that strives to empower women and underrepresented groups to speak openly about their accomplishments in the workplace and beyond, breaking modesty norms and glass ceilings.

The Key to Confidence, Overcoming Imposter Syndrome - Jenny introduces the concept of imposter syndrome, helps you uncover what drives you, shows you how to identify, challenge and replace limiting beliefs and how to combat them and how to develop your confidence for career and life success.

Assertive Communication – Who gets heard and Why - learn assertive communication strategies and skills, how to handle and manage those communication glitches that are all too common for women, even when you are the expert and most senior in the room, learn secret tools to use so that when you speak, you are heard and how to leave a lasting impression so everyone will definitely know who you are

Playing to your strengths - Wondering how to identify and optimise your key strengths? Raise your hand for opportunities? Toot your own horn? You’ll learn tools that reveal your hidden strengths, strategies to overcome your weaknesses and the key to making your strengths work for you.

Reimagining your personal brand for the digital age - you will seek out your uniqueness and your story, in order to soar with your strengths, tap into your values and define your brand for the digital age.

How to Network with Precision & Purpose - learn how to build your professional connections by increasing your network and influence. Covering what Networking is, why you should build your Network and how you Network with Precision and Purpose.

Developing Unshakeable Confidence - learn how to regain your confidence when it has taken a knock, how to increase your confidence levels to new heights and step out of your comfort zone.

Inclusive Leadership - We share the benefits of being an inclusive leader to you, your team and organisation. What might be getting in the way and 3 ways to be more inclusive at work so you can maximise the performance of all of your colleagues, become aware of your own biases and how to overcome them and learn how being an inclusive leader can impact your bottom line.

“One of the most inspirational speakers I have met. Jenny was eloquent and modest she totally drew the listeners in. Some of us forgot where we were, we were so enthralled. Absolutely fantastic.Jenny was warm and friendly with an incredible story to tell and was extremely engaging - her determination to achieve was evident. She was passionate yet realistic. I have seen many speakers over the years and less than a handful has been able to capture an audience without anyone realising that time had passed. She was genuinely inspirational”