Dave Williams

Industry Leading Trainer & Mentor, Proud Author of 'Confidence for Life', & Award-Winning ‘Wise Man’ with the Find Your Why Foundation

Confidence for Life!: 23 Proven Strategies to Improve YOUR Confidence, for Greater Success!

Confidence for Life!: 23 Proven Strategies to Improve YOUR Confidence, for Greater Success!

How to hire Dave Williams

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Dave Williams' official speaking topics are listed below:

  • Confidence - Is the key to everything we do in life and yet, there seem to be so many people challenged by a lack of confidence and self-esteem. Dave goes through proven strategies that give everyone the skills to improve their confidence immediately and whenever they need a ‘top up’.
  • Mental Health - Is a massive issue around the world currently and is holding many people back from being their true authentic selves, living in fear and frustration. With his talk, Dave delves into simple ways to change your mental health for the better forever and live with purpose and self-belief.
  • Management Mastery - Dave began in management in the 1980’s and has found many of the issues that were around then, are still prevalent now and sabotaging so many organisations. Dave shares what management need to maximise themselves, their teams, and their effectiveness for the business.
  • Peak Performance - Dave discusses how to control your emotions so you can get them working as your greatest asset instead of against you. Once these skills are mastered, you can impact every part of your life for the better.
  • Overcoming Adversity - In the aftermath of a personal tragedy, Dave discusses how to overcome adversity and live a life of fulfilment again with practical strategies that can be implemented immediately.
  • The Blame Game - So many organisations are not reaching their full potential as departments and individuals are looking to blame others for everything. Dave gets to the core of why these things happen and gives strategies to change the situation for the better so the organisation can progress and fulfil their potential.

Official Feedback from In-Person & Virtual Events

"Dave, it was an immensely enlightening experience. Just what I needed at my lowest ebb. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for this experience." - Andy, HR Director
"Thank you, that has given me the belief that I need to change and can change things for the better." - Yvonne, Police Chief Inspector
“I just wanted to send you a message to let you know I really enjoyed the training yesterday. I’ve taken a lot from it and I will put into practice, not just in work but in my personal life too.” - Dan, Manager
"I must say I do like what you do and the way you take your audience on a thought-provoking journey of self-exploration and discovery. Very difficult to do what you do and do it well, which you did, where people left feeling empowered." - Ron Lawrence, MBE
"I really don't know what you did with my directors on your course but thank you. The change has been amazing." - Loraine, HR Director
"Honestly telling it was an excellent experience last night. When I left the room, I was full of positive energy and big smile. I still remember your words. You are born as an uncut diamond and to get shine of diamond you need to go through different things, but always spread that shine so that others can also get the benefit of that shine. I really like your way of involving the audience." - Jolene, Entrepreneur
"Thank you so much, that was inspirational." - Nakatar, Sales Manager
"I enjoyed it. I could really relate to it and realised that I never set myself goals anymore, I just stay in my comfort zone. So, I realised that needed to change and have set myself 5 goals to focus on and I'm working through them, thanks to you." - Pinder, Sales Executive
  • 2022 - Co-Authored ‘Lightbulb Moments – Through the Eyes of Men’
  • 2022 - Awarded ‘Inspirational Man of the Year 2022’ by Mo2vate Media
  • 2022 - #1 Bestselling book ‘Confidence for Life – 23 Proven Strategies to Increase YOUR Confidence for Greater Success’
  • 2022 - Created The Management M.A.S.T.ER.Y. University
  • 2022 - Completed training with the Robbins-Madanes Institute
  • 2021 - Completed and became a Positive Psychology Pioneer
  • 2018 - Completed and became a Positive Psychology Pioneer
  • 2018 - Runner up award ‘Wise Man’ of the year with the Find Your Why Foundation
  • 2017 - Founded Dave Williams Coaching
  • 2017 - Qualified as a Master Coach