Chris Barton

Co-Founder Of Shazam, Former Head of Mobile Operators Business Development for Dropbox, Former Head of Android Business Development Americas for Google & Founder of Guard Inc.

Chris Barton received a 4.5 star rating across 10 events in 2023

Keynote Speaker & Entertainment Executive
"Chris Barton is an exemplary speaker on technology, renowned for inventing Shazam and driving innovative AI technology. With a career spanning Microsoft, Google, and Dropbox, Chris's expertise in disruptive thinking and game-changing innovation makes him an inspirational keynote choice for any event."

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Chris Barton's official speaking topics are listed below:

Create Your Own Shazam Magic - Disrupt Your Thinking. Defy Barriers. Inspire Delight:

From the moment Chris Barton dreamt up Shazam, he was told identifying songs out of thin air was impossible. His path from a dream to a $400 million acquisition by Apple is a story out of a Hollywood movie. It’s Chris’s story and insights that give people the inspiration and tools to accomplish big things within their organisations. Chris customizes the emphasis of this presentation for each audience. He introduces lessons learned from founding Shazam, as well as his pioneering involvement with Android at Google and mobile partnerships at Dropbox. Concepts like “creative persistence” and his Start from Zero methodology are new ways of thinking and overcoming barriers. Startups use these concepts to tackle insurmountable obstacles, and you should too. Make big things happen and create Shazam-like magic in defiance of all odds.

The format can be a presentation or moderated conversation. Chris can tailor an inspiring message on creativity, innovation, leadership, resilience, collaboration and more. Audiences learn how to make big things happen by:

  • Questioning the familiar to distil the basic truths
  • Overcoming barriers with creative persistence
  • Remaining focused on core insights despite resistance
  • Making things simple and friction-free
  • Replacing "uninspiring" with "delightful" by connecting to emotions


Official Feedback from In-Person & Virtual Events:

Feedback from In-Person Events:

"Chris is perhaps the most driven person I have met. Shazam was a dream he invented, and his persistence and dedication were what eventually created the company. Chris is a true entrepreneur and I have always been in awe of his talent." - Jerry, Chairman, Learning Foundation

"As Founder and CEO of Shazam, Chris was an early inspiration to all who worked with him. A real dynamo - passionate about his company, and full of creative ideas." - Clayton, Owner, ImaginativeHR

  • 2024 - Keynote speaker at the UnitedAg 44th Annual Meeting & Conference "CONNECT"
  • 2020 - Founder & CEO of Guard Inc.
  • 2011 - Head of Mobile Operators Business Development for Dropbox
  • 2010 - Head of Android Business Development - Americas for Google
  • 2004 - Strategic Partnerships - Mobile for Google
  • 2000 - Founder, Original CEO & Board Director of Shazam
  • 1999 - Business Development for Microsoft