Gijs Van Wulfen

Bestselling Innovation Author & Inspirational Speaker

Originally from the Netherlands, Gijs is a widely recognised keynote speaker that is an expert in innovation and design thinking. He is also a best-selling author, and has been featured on various media publications and broadcasting programmes.

Gijs Van Wulfen specifically specialises in initiating innovation, ideation, service innovation, innovation management, innovation organisation, innovation culture, innovation leadership, concept development, product innovation, new business development, business concepts, new product development, design thinking, and FORTH Innovation Method.

With an impressive resume, Gijs has previously worked as a Project Manager in Marketing and Innovation at CSM, was an Executive Consultant for Ernst & Young, became an Associate Partner for Boer & Croon before founding the FORTH Innovation Method.

Author of a number of best-selling books, including The Innovation Expedition: A Visual Toolkit to Start Innovation, Creating Innovative Products and Services: The FORTH Innovation Method, The Innovation Maze: Four Routes to a Successful New Business Case, and Inspiration for Innovation: 101 Lessons for Innovators. Most notably, in 2017 his book The Innovation Maze was elected Management Book of the Year 2017.

Now a world renowned expert, Gijs has been praised and recognised for his astounding work in a number of ways. He was identified by LinkedIn as one of the 150 Thought Leaders on LinkedIn, chosen as No. 2 of the Top 40 International Innovation Bloggers 2012, No. 3 of the Top 40 International Innovation Bloggers 2013 and No. 6 of the Top 40 International Innovation Bloggers 2014.

Gijs has appeared at a number of well recognised speaker events from all around the world. These include the Innovation Week in spain, the Innovation Forum in Brazil, the South African Innovation Summit in Cape Town and the Turkish Innovation Week in Istanbul. He has also provided advice and guidance to clientele such as 3M, AIRBUS Group and Bilfinger.

Passionate about inspiring others with his talks and innovative methods, Gijs provides practical ways to help your organisation become more successful innovators. He is a brilliantly experienced and knowledgeable individual, as well as being an illustrative storyteller, Gijs provides a talk that is full of insight, humor, and entertainment, thus being an intriguing and inspiring listen.

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When at corporate events, Gijs is known to cover the following topics:

  • Technology & Innovation
  • Business Management
  • Lyrical Storyteller
  • Drive & Determination
  • Peak Performance
  • Creative  & Design Thinking

“Gijs made the very engaged audience laugh, think and wonder…” – Agata Wiewiora, Polish Innovation Day

“He gave a brilliantly articulated presentation full of passion, emotion and metaphors”Ignacio VILLOCH, BBVA Innovation Center, Spain