Dan Cobley

Former Managing Director Of Google

Dan Cobley is a tech giant that is perhaps best known for his role as the former managing director of Google as well as being a serial investor and partner for the UK venture capital firm, Blenheim Chalcot. Cobley’s role is to oversee the large Fintech portfolio and his expertise came from Google, where he served as the MD for UK & Ireland for nearly a decade.

Cobley also held other positions in Google, including the role of Vice President of EMEA Marketing. One of the world’s most requested and influential technology and innovation speakers in the world given his incredible career and diverse expertise, the former Managing Director of Google and Vice President of EMEA Marketing is available to hire for events and conferences around the world through the Champions Speakers agency.

During his time at Google, Cobley was solely responsible for an incredible five-billion dollar’s worth of revenue. Dan’s role saw him helping companies large and small to harness the vast suite of digital tools to delve into analytical data providing insights into the digital world and allowing companies to increase their revenue. As the search giant’s VP of Marketing he was responsible for all aspects of European business and consumer marketing.

Prior to joining Google, Cobley held senior marketing roles at Capital One Europe, where he helped make the company the UK’s leading new card issue, and Ask Jeeves, Pepsi and Walkers. After studying Physics at Oxford, Cobley began his career in consulting and oil exploration. More recently, Cobley has co-founded ClearScore, a company that gives you a free report on your credit score.

For his entrepreneurial talents, Cobley was recognised as a Maserati Innovator of the Year in 2018 for co-founding ClearScore. In 2019 he was named in the UK Tech Top 100 for co-founding Salary Finance, he was awarded 46th place. Since his TED speech on physics and marketing it has been watched over one million times and he has been rated as one of the most influential people by both Wired magazine and The Evening Standard.

As a speaker, Cobley explores a range of topics from innovation and digital imperative to how to be a disruptor in the industry. His experience in areas such as technology, startups and the changing nature of financial services, to name a few, makes him a fascinating and varied speaker for all occasions.

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When he’s at corporate events, Dan is known to cover the following topics:

  • The Digital Imperative
  • Disruption in Financial Services
  • Second-Order Impacts of Technology
  • Future Technology
  • Being An Entrepreneur
  • Business Leadership
  • Technology & Innovation

Watch Dan discussing What Physics Taught Me About Marketing, here:

“Everyone is talking about it today! How I found you and how interesting the hour session was. You had a tough act to follow as the 372 had been there since 10am and was starting to flag after all the sessions, so to bring them all back into the ballroom, up lift and inspire them was a job very well done.” – HayleyDeloitte