Calum Chace

Specialist In Artificial Intelligence

Calum Chace recognised author and an after-dinner speaker is available to book with Champions, his subject is on how AI (artificial intelligence) is set to re-shape the global economic and social landscape.

He is the author of many books such as The Economic Singularity: Artificial Intelligence and the death of capitalism and Surviving AI: the promise of peril of artificial intelligence which is an easy-to-read guide to what’s coming. It explains technological unemployment and the potential creation of a super-intelligence. He is also the author of “Pandora’s Brain” which is a novel that examines the possible impact of super-intelligence.

Calum is also a chairman, coach, and consultant to entrepreneurs, this is based on 30 years successful experience as a business leader, working as a CEO, strategy consultant, marketer, and salesman. He is also the author of The Internet Startup Bible, a business bestseller published by Random House in 2000.

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