Gareth Davis

William Hill Chairman & Voted 13th Best CEO In The World

Bringing together a wealth of expertise, Gareth Davis is a renowned CEO, considered one of the most successful of his generation. Having headed up some of the largest companies in Britain, Gareth’s immense career has so far spanned over 40 years. He is the Chairman of Wolseley plc, William Hill and DS Smith – proving he still lives life in the fast lane at 68 years old.

The likes of Imperial Tobacco, Wolseley plc, William Hill plc and DS Smith plc all flourished under Gareth’s leadership in his time as CEO. At the forefront of FTSE 100 companies for the majority of his career, he achieved great success at the highest level.

As a business speaker, Gareth specialises in business management, finance, mergers and acquisitions, consumerism, cultural integration, corporate transformation, internationalisation and maximising workplace efficiency, as well as touching on the skills that led to him becoming a top-level businessman – including leadership, determination and maximising success.

Highly lauded for his keynote speeches, Gareth is insightful and engaging in equal measure. He has spoken at conferences at UK business events and festivals, as well as for newspapers and hospitality companies.

By the age of 36, Gareth was at the helm of a group of cigarette factories before quickly rising up to managing director of the international cigarette division, before taking the role of CEO at Imperial Tobacco (now Imperial Brands), increasing turnover from £4 million to £45 million.

A number of acquisitions and nous for preempting the way of the wind in international business, ensured he finished up his career with the tobacco giants in 2011 having turned it from a £2 billion turnover company to a £24 billion company, and the largest listing on the London Stock Exchange.

His remarkable efforts in turning Imperial Tobacco around attracted the attention of other business big-wigs including specialist plumbing and mechanical merchant, Wolseley plc, international packaging business DS Smith and bookmaker William Hill.

Enjoying a stellar reputation for delivering change and managing with a clear vision and passion – Gareth remains one of the finest business people in the UK. You can book him to headline your conference, and offer leading insight at your university event today.

To book esteemed business management speaker, Gareth Davis as the keynote speaker for your corporate event, function or conference.

When at corporate speaking events, Gareth is known to discuss the following topics:

  • Business Management Speaker
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Lessons in Leadership
  • The Art of Success
  • How To Succeed With Internationalisation
  • Maximising Efficiency In Your Workforce Through Organisation & Motivation
  • The Importance Of Consumerism
  • Business Speaker
  • Corporate Transformation
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Cultural Integrational Manager

See what people had to say about Gareth at corporate events, here:

“Gareth’s speech about change management and the benefits/problems around merges and acquisitions was highly insight. With the merger of Local world and Trinity Group PLC, he has certainly helped our senior management team foresee problems which we might have faced. He was eloquent and easy to work with.” – David Simms, Regional Managing Director, East Midlands Trinity Mirror Plc

“Gareth was highly motivating and was a pleasure working with him. His CV is the best I have ever come across as a speaker and I look forward to working with him again.” – Andy Whyles, CEO, All About Tourism

“Gareth was our headline speaker at the annual Leicester business Festival. As a festival working on a regional, national and international level, Gareth was included to talk the transformation of national business into international business. His speech about merges and globalisation was highly intriguing”. – Tiffany Freeman, LLEP