Dr Fons Trompenaars


Fons Trompenaars specialises in improving effectiveness by reconciling the cultural differences within an organisation’s workforce. This in turns helps to leverage the bottom-line potential of cultural diversity. Fons examines how to deal with strategic inter-cultural management issues. Just as the need to communicate on a global level becomes more essential, so the need to operate across different national cultures becomes imperative.

After studying the influence of culture on business in 15 countries, Fons and his team have developed the world’s largest database of country-specific profiles. This has led to the Seven Dimensions of Culture – a tool to study and work with differences. Fons speaks about the key drivers: encouraging open communication on culturally defined issues, establishing a value free vocabulary without resorting to stereotypes, and building skills to recognise and reconcile cultural differences.

Delivered with delightful humour, Trompenaars’ presentations explore the dilemmas managers face with intercultural issues, from different perspectives on deadlines to generating enthusiasm and finding effective reward systems.

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Watch Dr Fons deliver a speech at TEDxAmsterdam, here: