John Pienaar

BBC Senior Political Correspondent

John Pienaar is the BBC’s Senior Political Correspondent. Described by the Radio 5 Live’s controller as ‘a political heavyweight with huge credibility in the Westminster area’, John features regularly on television news and as a radio voice on the award winning breakfast programme. John finds direction and meaning in the whirlwind of government spin, making him an ideal after dinner and keynote political speaker.

John Pienaar originally trained at the South London Press, writing about whatever passed by his doorstep including urban crime, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. John’s varied career even led to him writing an angling column without ever holding a fishing rod in his life.

John joined The Independent in 1986 at its launch as a Political Correspondent. As part of late Tony Bevin’s original team, John penned the cutting and often the controversial parliamentary sketch, the Westminster Diary.

John is an experienced event and conference host as well as a captivating keynote and after dinner speaker. John’s extensive career enables him to talk incisively about Westminster politics, making him a highly respected political speaker.

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