Ann Daniels


Ann Daniels is a respected figure in the world of adventuring, earning her the title of Britain’s leading female explorer. The world record holder has led many teams to success in the most difficult conditions on earth. The North Pole is considered to be the hardest journey of all, with less than 70 expeditions reaching the pole since Peary’s first claim in 1909. So when Ann became the first woman ever to ski to the poles with an all-women team in 2002, she positioned herself as one of the most fearless, dedicated adventurers in modern history.

As an after-dinner speaker, Ann offers an unbeatable insight into elite mental and physical resilience. She explores strategies of peak performance, and takes her audience on a journey with her, from one end fo the Earth to the other.

The North and South poles are some of the most challenging terrains on Earth. With temperatures of -50C, deadly polar bears, and miles of uninhabited landscape, Ann’s 3000-mile mission was no small feat. Ann has completed over 10 polar expeditions, and has even survived for over 400 days on the unforgiving ice. She understands the importance of good planning, hard work and a positive attitude in the most difficult circumstances.

As a Polar guide and the only leader of all 3 Catlin Arctic surveys, she is living proof that good leadership, teamwork and a positive mental attitude counts and does make a difference to the success of a team. Ann is also frequently being asked to speak on environmental or equality issues.

Her achievements have been recognised by many bodies including the Guinness Book of Records, The Pride of Britain Awards, The Foreign Office and the Women of the Year Awards. She has appeared on T.V. and radio and along with bringing up her four children is currently working on her next record-breaking project.

In her presentations, Ann explores the qualities essential to sustainable, productive leadership, as well as teamwork and motivation. This record-breaking speaker has invaluable stories to tell from the icy poles, that have the power to enthral audiences.

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Watch Ann deliver a speech for TEDxExeter, here:

“Ann was the best speaker we’ve had in the ten year’s I’ve been booking speakers.  She was motivational and relevant to the current challenges we face in the workplace today.  She inspired us all to strive to achieve so much more, individually and together as a team.” -Disney

“Ann’s presentation on leadership was fantastic.  Our office is still talking about how to deal with their own ‘Polar Bears’ three weeks after the presentation.” – The Home Office 

“Thought yesterday was brilliant – you could tell everyone was captivated – you could hear a pin drop. I thought Ann was an inspiration to us all.  Her messages on leadership will help us become better leaders in the future.” – Business Network International 

“You were a magnificent speaker and a wonderful example of what can be achieved with precise planning, determination and a will to succeed.” – Vodafone

“The key message I took away was about our challenging environment and I thought her approach was very refreshing – don’t waste time/energy getting angry about the environment you are in and the challenges you face but instead start planning how you are going to deal with them.  I think this is relevant for us all at work and outside work.” – HSBC