Pen Hadow

Inspirational Global Explorer

“Your courage, perseverance and determination have been an inspiration to us all”
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Pen Hadow’s extraordinary stories of achievement in the most challenging and hostile environments on earth inspire and motivate audiences. A wonderful leadership speaker, Pen has experienced first hand the importance of decisive management in success in numerous environments.

During Pen’s talks as a keynote speaker, he brings his personal mission to life. Pen became the first person to trek solo without resupply from Canada to the North Geographic Pole, undisputedly the toughest route for any explorer. Pen learnt key lessons in the hardest ways possible and translates these messages wonderfully during presentations as an after dinner speaker.

Pen’s audiences swiftly learn that his approach concerns engaging with their situation – their fears, challenges and dreams. Pen believes that only relevant insights make a memorable speech when delivered with impact; it is not about recounting his achievements. Pen also gives the option of supplying supporting dramatic images and film footage alongside his talks as a leadership speaker, allowing his ideas to resonate far beyond just the event.

Pen continues to advise top FTSE250 businesses on the drive to upgrade and communicate their environmental credentials along with the importance of environmental responsibility.

Pen’s infectious admiration of exploration and endeavour pushes others to free themselves of limits. Pen has inspired audiences as a keynote speaker and after dinner speaker across all sectors worldwide delivering talks as a leadership speaker in a very entertaining style but with powerful memorable messages.

To book leadership speaker, Pen Hadow as the keynote speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

When at corporate events, Pen Hadow is known to cover the following topics:

  • Leadership Speaker
  • Motivation: Finding it & Keeping it
  • Pioneering Mindset & Breakthroughs
  • Team Performance & Improvement
  • Resilience
  • Goal Setting & Setbacks
  • Risk vs Rewards
  • Global Environmental Change & Corporate Sustainability
  • Peak Performance

‘Pen Hadow’s experience was genuinely inspirational and motivating. Having launched Marks and Spencer’s Plan A initiative on the need to tackle the enormous challenge of climate change, it was fantastic to hear from someone who has experienced global warming issues with their own eyes.’ – Stuart Rose, CEO, Marks and Spencer

“Pen was amazing, just amazing, richard was extremely impressed with his presentation and Pen himself. I thought he was utterly charming and a real gentleman, he was an outstanding speaker and we have received many compliments on his presentation. It was a real pleasure to meet him. Thank you both so much.” – Tracey Fletcher, Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co

“… Fantastic presentation. I believe the silence among the 400 delegates in the room indicated how intrigued we all were with your story and your “can do” message. I heard a lot of positive comments from customers and colleagues later that day.”  Marketing Manager, DICOM Europe

You have a gift – and should use it.  Few can communicate with a level of engagement and intensity like that.” Founder, The Body Shop

“He was inspiring, funny, and really kept the interest of his 900 strong audience… our numb bottoms were forgotten. Pen made my daughter feel that if he could carry on fighting to succeed, so could she! I must mention how kind he also was to all the special needs students, many of whom needed his help to understand what to do next. He is a talented, kind man, with a core of steel hidden beneath that pleasant exterior… it appears he helped my daughter find her own “steel”.”  Duchy College Audience Member

“Your inspiring account held the audience captivated. Your achievement and humbling pathway to it, is epic. The humour, humility and underlying steely determination in your delivery was really engaging… excuse the exuberance of my verbosity but I and the rest of the course, directing staff and guests have been left quite enthused/positively affected…thank you so very much for an incredible talk, I have been inspired.” Commanding Officer, Junior Officers’ Tactics Division Land Warfare School, Warminster

“It was just fantastic to meet you and congratulations on your fascinating and inspiring presentation!” – Steve Merchant RSM Restructuring Advisory

” I was responsible for hosting a very important industry event and was looking for a guest speaker on the subject of leadership but at an affordable price. Pen was simply brilliant. This is a man who is truly inspirational. If you want a speaker who can lift your spirits and demonstrate how to achieve the impossible against all odds then Pen should be on your list as first choice. Thank you Pen!” – Carol Jolly, Executive P.A., Chorley Building Society