Bronwen Maddox

Director of the Institute for Government

Bronwen Maddox is the Editor and Chief Executive of Prospect Magazine, the UK’s leading current affairs and culture monthly title, which has a rapidly-growing circulation of more than 31,000. She was appointed in November 2010 with a mission to build on Prospect‘s reputation for intellectual rigour and originality, and to take this to a wider audience, as she said in her first editorial.

As she said in Prospect‘s special sampler edition for The Hay Festival in May 2011: “We publish some of the most informative, perceptive and entertaining writing around today, by outstanding specialists-academics, business leaders, novelists, politicians, soldiers. We write for people who live by ideas, and want to take part in tomorrow’s debates today.” She continues to write columns for The Times on world news and economics.

Previously, she had been the paper’s Chief Foreign Commentator, Foreign Editor, and US Editor and Washington Bureau Chief of The Times. Her commentary has become one of the best-known fixtures in British journalism, known for its crisp style and for not being afraid to reach a judgement on the day’s events, while avoiding ideology. It attracts vigorous response from readers around the world.

In writing commentaries and columns, which she has done since the start of the Afghan invasion in November 2001, Bronwen Maddox has won access to some of the most influential figures in the British government and the Obama Administrations, and in governments across Europe, the Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. The Kremlin picked her to be the sole British journalist interviewing then President Vladimir Putin ahead of a controversial G8 summit.

She was previously at The Financial Times, where she ran the paper’s year-long, award-winning, investigation into the publishing tycoon, Robert Maxwell. Before his death, she mapped the 800 companies making up his corporate empire, establishing that the total amount of debt was insupportable; the work culminated in a 30,000-word series, based on 200 interviews, which she wrote on her own, and won the paper a British Press Award.

She was also an editorial writer, specialising in microeconomics, and a specialist correspondent in energy and the environment, travelling widely through Eastern Europe and China. She is the author of In Defence of America, a book arguing the case for supporting the US after the Iraq war. She is an accomplished public speaker and chair of debates, for many kinds of audiences, including financial and military, and for many kinds of events, from after-dinner talks to seminars. She appears frequently on television and radio in the UK and US, particularly the BBC’s Today programme, Newsnight and Daily Politics.

To book Bronwen Maddox as the finance and futurism speaker for your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

When at corporate events, Bronwen is known to cover the following topics:


  •   Brexit
  • Global and country-by-country political and economic outlook
  • Challenges of running a modern country – and reasons for optimism
  • Future of democracy
  • Ageing populations – how countries can prosper from the challenge
  • Decision making – in government and beyond, and how to improve it