The two main forms of energy, gas and oil continue to be incredibly scarce and precious commodities that cannot be a sustainable form of energy for the future. Here at Champions Speakers, we are able to offer you with visionaries and trailblazers in the world of energy that are available to hire as alternative energy speakers.

Discussing the prospects of global warming and climate change as a result of unsustainable sources of energy, our speakers will deliver eye opening and thought provoking performances that will encourage healthy debate at your event or conference. Our Alternative Energy Speakers will provide an insight into the ongoing efforts to produce energy that is not only sustainable but also ready to overtake the use of gas and oil as solar panels and wind turbines continue their effort to garner renewable energy to support and protect the planet.

Would you like to change the world and help to stop global warming? Are you ready to embrace or would you consider alternative forms of energy?

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Linda Cruse
Linda Cruse
chris hines
Chris Hines MBE
andy pag
Andy Pag
Trewin Restorick
Trewin Restorick
roger ballentine
Roger Ballentine
tim smit
Tim Smit
Tom Bergin
Jon Wright
Jon Wright
The Champions Speakers agency's stable of alternative energy speakers will engage and captivate guests with a list of worrying effects the continual use of fossil fuels for energy has already had on the planet in addition to the devastation that could be caused if people in the world don’t change their ways. Championing alternative energy forms such as marine energy, hydroelectric, wind, geothermal and solar power, our educated and accomplished speakers will outline the benefits, possibilities and profits of using these forms of energy with the sustainability of the planet at the forefront of their minds.
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