Professor Germaine Greer


Renowned academic and feminist, Professor Germaine Greer is known across the world for her outspoken views and public speaking. A published author, TV presenter, activist and broadcaster, Greer has maintained a strong media profile for more than thirty years, her work helping to ignite debate and change across Britain, Europe and Australia.

Professor Germaine Greer career extends far beyond her work as a television and radio presenter and began as an academic of English at the University of Warwick, following the publication of her ground-breaking book The Female Eunuch, Greer has worked prolifically across British and Australian media, frequently called upon to comment on high profile events or issues of current affairs.

In her work as a TV presenter and broadcaster Professor Greer has appeared on a variety of shows, she is frequently called upon to appear on the BBC’s Newsnight and has even taken part in Celebrity Big Brother where she showcased her feminist agenda through the realm of the reality TV series. Alongside her work as a television and radio presenter Germaine Greer both chairs and attends conferences on a variety of subjects and addressing both academic and socio-political issues.

Her work as a TV presenter, writer and broadcaster has covered a number of different issues from injustice against women in Asia and Africa, rainforest conservation, biodiversity, women in Shakespeare to sex for the over 60s. Similarly, when acting as a conference host and keynote speaker Professor Germaine Greer has received both criticism and praise for her outspoken attitude, her after dinner speaker presentations frequently taking on controversial and politically incorrect issues.

Available for hire as a keynote speaker, conference chair, broadcaster, commentator and TV presenter Professor Germaine Greer has four decades of experience fielding some of the most difficult and inflammatory questions from audiences members, whilst her work as an after dinner speaker ranges from the light and entertaining to the serious and politically engaging.

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When at corporate events, Germaine is known to cover the following topics:

  • Feminism
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Modern Culture
  • Media & Literature
  • Current Affairs
  • Drive & Determination
  • Peak Peformance