Keke Rosberg


Keke Rosberg, the Flying Finn, is a Finnish motorsport speaker and driver who is known for his ambition and drive, working harder than any other driver to make it into the Formula One arena.

Starting his career in the early 70’s Rosberg had already made a name for himself as a successful kart driver but it would take several years on the European circuit and a great deal of intensive racing before Rosberg would eventually break into the big leagues, finally securing a place in an F1 race in 1978.

All round team failures and even the end of funding for Fittipaidi held Keke Rosberg back until in 1980, thanks to the retirement of fellow driver and motorsports speaker Alan Jones, a space opened up at The Williams Team, giving Rosberg his first chance to race in a prestigious Grand Prix.

A turbulent career of peaks and troughs Keke Rosberg will always been remembered as one of the longest record holders at Silverstone; breaking the record for average miles per hour in a single lap – a tremendous 160.9mph – Rosberg held this position from 1985 until it was broken in 2002 by another prominent racer and sports speaker, Juan Pablo Montoya. Rosberg retired from Formula One in 1986 and has since established himself as a prolific motorsports speaker; though he continued to race in other leagues with Ferrari, Peugeot and Mercedes-Benz, Rosberg eventually dropped out of racing to concentrate on the running and management of his own team: Team Rosberg.

Though Rosberg continues to work as a sports speaker his team remains a prominent part of the European racing scene; with almost twenty years under their belt the team continue to compete in Formula BMW, German Formula Three and the Formula Three Euroseries. By remaining an active part of the racing industry Keke Rosberg ensures that he is able to offer audiences the most up-to-date information, examples and anecdotes in his capacity as a motorsports speaker.

Rosberg has also worked as the manager for some of the most impressive young drivers of recent years, his son Nico, whom he managed for several years, achieving the same Grand Prix success as his father in 2013 – making them the first father and son team to ever both win the title. Keke Rosberg was also integral in the development of fellow Finnish motorsports speaker and racer JJ Lehto and world champion Mika Häkkinen.

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When at corporate events, Keke is known to cover the following topics:

  • Motorsport Speaker
  • Drive & Determination
  • Teamwork & Leadership
  • Peak Performance
  • Dealing With Pressure