Bernhard Langer OBE

Germany's greatest Golfer

German professional golfer Bernhard Langer is a two-time masters champion who enjoyed a phenomenal amount of success throughout the 80s and 90s. Former world number one ranked player, Langer is an excellent after dinner speaker and golf speaker who is equally equipped as a golf day host.

Turning professional in 1976, Langer competed throughout the 1980s and 90s enjoying an impressive success record. Inducted into golf’s World Hall of Fame during the 2001/2002 season, he is immortalised as one of the greatest ever to have graced the game. A name synonymous with the sport and success, Bernhard Langer is an exceptional addition to any event.

An extensive knowledge behind the game having experienced competing at the top for an incredible amount of years, Langer is a perfect addition as an after dinner speaker and golf speaker. Coherent and articulate throughout his appearances, he delves into his wealth of experience during his time as a sports speaker and as a golf day host. Providing his expertise as a host, he frequents the golf courses throughout the day, providing a professional outlook across proceedings and even offers his services for Question & Answer sessions after the formalities of the competition are over.

An eloquent after dinner speaker and sports speaker, Bernhard Langer has experienced the sport for a phenomenal period of time finding unrivalled success. The most prolific German golfer of all times, he is the perfect addition to any event or occasion as a speaker or golf day host.

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