Glenn Catley

Former WBC Super Middleweight World Champion

Glenn Catley is a British sportsman and boxing speaker who previously held the World Championship Title for Super Middleweight boxing and works the after dinner speaker circuit.

Though only running a short career as a professional boxer Glenn Catley, also known as the Catman remains a popular and much sought after boxing speaker; the rise and fall of his boxing campaign and sporting career providing him with a number of interesting and inspiring stories to share with audiences privileged enough to encounter him as a sports speaker.

As a motivational speaker Catley has a specialist interest in stress and anxiety management, this marks him as one of few sports speakers who address the subject of fear and anxiety and make him a truly unique after dinner speaker.

As a motivational speaker, Catley reassures his audience that it is both normal and acceptable to experience fear and anxiety; as an after dinner speaker he discusses how, throughout his career, he experienced stress and the impact that it had upon his ability to perform both as a boxer and sports speaker.

The combination of his dual interests, first as a boxer and boxing speaker, and his personal history with stress and dedication to his role as a motivational speaker have helped to make Glenn Catley one of the most inspirational and sought after boxing speakers currently working the after dinner event and private function circuit.

To book Champion boxer, Glenn Catley to make a personal appearance at your corporate event, function or conference, simply contact the Champions Speakers agency by emailing or by calling a booking agent directly on 0207 1010 553.

When at corporate events, Glenn is known to cover the following topics:

  • Workplace Change
    • Environment Change
    • Employee Infrastructure
    • Performance
    • Fear Of Taking On New Challenges
    • Fear Of Interacting With Authority Figures
    • Fear Of Failure

“Glenn Catley is an unusually talented man.  Not only did he become World Champion, the best in the world, he is a naturally gifted speaker and motivator.  We are more than fortunate that subsequently to his boxing career he decided to use his skills in the field of hypnotherapy.  His expertise and enthusiasm in the lecture room has not only enthralled our student groups but given them the confidence and ability to help athletes and sportsmen in the way he was helped. It is worth remembering too that Glenn comes as a veritable publicity machine, he is news, as well as being a particularly nice and helpful person.  It would be difficult for us to recommend him too highly. I have no doubt that having Glenn Catley on board would enhance any course.”
DavidSenior Lecturer, The Clifton Practice

“I’ve sat through many motivational speeches before, but I have to say Glenn’s was one of the most engaging sessions I have ever had the pleasure to witness. His story was told with such animation and from the heart – it left the whole room waiting for his next words. The sign of a truly gifted speaker. His advice on the importance of having a plan and a well-structured course of action was invaluable.  I don’t think a single person, including myself, left that room without feeling inspired, awestruck, and ready to take on the world!  A speech I will refer back to time and time again, thank you Glenn!”
BrontaeHead of Marketing of Itec Connect Limited

“As part of a Wiltshire Police leadership initiative, I was recently given the opportunity to attend a presentation by ex-super middleweight world boxing champion Glenn Catley of ‘Every Cloud’. Like Many senior managers, I have been exposed to a wealth of management speakers over the years but I found Glenn refreshing and different, focusing upon the human aspects of leadership as opposed to a theoretical or model-based approach. Utilising his boxing journey Glenn exposes the impacts that stress, anxiety and personal-responsibility can have on a seemingly unshakable vision, and uses his own experiences to demonstrate how a positive mindset, teamwork and resilience, can help to overcome these barriers. I personally found that I could easily relate to our current economic and performance challenges to elements of Glenn’s story, and I found his presentation enjoyable and thought-provoking. I certainly returned to work with new enthusiasm, inspiration and most importantly, a healthy sense of perspective.”
MarkSuperintendent Operations, Wiltshire Police

“Glenn was brilliant and gave a very engaging talk.”
VickyUplands Retail

“Excellent motivational speech and presentation from a really nice fella! The team really enjoyed it and meeting him afterwards too. Unbelievable achievement from a local lad and such a brilliant story well told.”

“An engaging and approachable speaker whose story of a local lad done well on the international stage is hugely inspirational and fascinating. Glenn is able to deliver his story with humour and candour – you forget you’re sitting in front of a world champion boxer!”

“Initially, I wasn’t sure what the theme was going to be for the presentation as we worked through Glenn’s early career but what a story! It was amazing to listen to a first-hand account of how powerful a positive mindset can be even in your darkest hours and how hypnotherapy can aid retaining a healthy balance in the hormonal make up of your brain. I’m an advocate of hypnotherapy anyway, seeing a therapist for insomnia, but it was really great to see how it can be applied to anything and I would absolutely recommend anyone seeing this man.”