Peter Cochrane

BT's Former CTO & Expert Technologist

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Peter Cochrane's official speaking topics are listed below:

Artificial Intelligence - Today and Tomorrow:

  • How AI works and what it can do today
  • Why we need AI and projected capabilities
  • Threats, promises, and why all our futures depend on AI
  • The impact on industry, society, government, ecology and sustainability

Quantum Computing - Reality Check:

  • There is much more to QC than Qbits!
  • QC is analogue and not digital, it is probabilistic
  • QCs will not replace our existing digital computers
  • QC cannot decode every encrypted message instantaneously
  • Without QC we will never understand chemistry, biology, life, ecologies or economics
  • Exceeding 50 stable Qbits would see QCs profoundly impacting every aspect of life on our planet

Cyber Security - Thinking Like The Enemy:

  • There is far more to cyber security than technology
  • Every successful attack starts with human fallibility and failure
  • The Dark Side is an integrated business venture on a global scale
  • Operating as individually isolated organisations means we can only lose
  • Integrating the information and resources across sectors and countries is essential
  • The projected ‘business earnings of The Dark Side will be >5x the GDP of the UK by 2030

How to Build a Truth Engine

  • Fake News and Propaganda are the biggest threat to humanity
  • If societies lose sight of the truth and reality then they are doomed to fail
  • Accurately detecting Fake News and Propaganda has largely been demonstrated
  • With >170 global Fact Checkers, AI, and historical trend analysers we have the key tools
  • We now need a global effort to police and neutralise the sources of Fake information
  • But the ignorance of populations/ease of manipulation is probably an even bigger problem!

Sustainability - It’s About Time:

  • The full scale of the problems now facing humanity exceeds our comprehension
  • The world is no longer linear and stable- complexity and instability are now the norm
  • Changing all the lightbulbs and polishing existing technologies/industries is not enough
  • Sustainability demands new materials/industrial processes and near loss-free recycling
  • Today’s management, political and economic systems are fundamentally unable to deliver
  • In this battle for survival; AI, Robotics, The IoT and New Materials are the key elements

"Great presentation - very thought provoking and entertaining." - Microsoft

  • 2014 - Advisor for CSC
  • 2010 - Founding Partner of Formicio
  • 2008 - Advisor of nGenera
  • 2005 - Chairman & CEO of Cochrane Associates
  • 2002 - Writer, Blogger & Advisor for
  • 2000 - Advisory Board Member of TTI Vanguard
  • 1998 - Co-Founder & CEO of ConceptLabs CA
  • 1999 - Chief Technology Officer of BT
  • 1994 - Head of Research for BT Laboratories
  • 1991 - BT Labs Divisional Manager Systems Research
  • 1987 - BTRL Divisional Manager Optical Networks
  • 1983 - BTRL Head of Section
  • 1979 - British Post Office Research Labs Head of Group
  • 1975 - British Post Office Research Labs Executive Engineer