Dr. Marie Charles

Executive Chair of Tiger Global Holdings & Founder of Global Medic Force

How to hire Dr. Marie Charles

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When she's at corporate events, Marie is known to cover the following topics:

  • High impact investing
  • Optimising global philanthropic outcomes
  • Extreme inspiration and motivation
  • Entrepreneurialism 
  • Disruptive commercial models to optimise success
  • Your personal legacy - making your life really count

"Truly an inspiration" - Royal Geographical Society - London

"The stuff of which Nobel prizes are made" - Executive Director of $30 billion The Global Fund, Geneva

"Life changing lessons from the front line of life. The most inspiring speech I have ever heard" Rothschild - London

"Dr Marie Charles is one of the world's most successful high-impact entrepreneurs" - Belane Magazine - Switzerland

“You brought a pig and a landmine to Asia’s largest venture capital conference and created the most awe inspiring professional investor presentation that we have ever seen… we your colleagues sincerely thank you” Annual Asian Private Equity & Venture Capital Forum - Plenary Address - Singapore

"The Joan of Arc of 21st Century Medicine" - Carl Magazine - Asia

"A doctor without borders" - Singapore Business Times - Feature Article - Singapore

"A medical professional who fights disease around the globe facing the 
challenges of pandemics, witchdoctors and highwaymen". BBC - London

"Dr Charles is all about getting things done" - South China Morning Post - Hong Kong

“What Marie has done is classic entrepreneurship. She focused on where the system is stuck, imagined the most highly leveraged and  highly effective way of fixing it, and then made it work at scale.”  - CEO & Chairman ASHOKA Foundation - Washington

"Armed with this profound revelation Dr Charles took action" - PBS television documentary - New York

“What you have taught me here today has changed my life" - Credit Suisse Global Philanthropy & Investment Forum - Singapore 

“So very inspiring! How can I be part of this?” - Zurich Family Office Forum - Switzerland

“ You have opened our eyes to business possibilities that we could 
never have imagined existed” - Follow The Entrepreneur Conference - London

  • Executive Chair of Tiger Global Holdings
  • Founder of Global Medic Force
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, Public Health & Royal Geographical Society
  • Qualified Medical Doctor
  • Media Described as 'The Joan of Arc of 21st Century Medicine'