Katherine Baldwin

Inspirational Writer & Wellbeing Coach, Formerly A Journalist For Reuters

How to Fall in Love: A 10-Step Journey to the Heart

How to Fall in Love: A 10-Step Journey to the Heart

How to hire Katherine Baldwin

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Katherine's official speaking topics are listed below:

  • Fulfilling our unique potential while maintaining our mental health and wellbeing
  • Building confidence, self-esteem, emotional intelligence and emotional resilience
  • Managing stress, overwhelm, anxiety and painful emotions
  • Healing from eating disorders, addictions including alcohol and substance misuse, self-harm, workaholism and toxic relationships
  • Overcoming perfectionism and avoiding burnout
  • Forming and maintaining healthy relationships with ourselves and others
  • Leading with authenticity and vulnerability
  • How to achieve our full potential while maintaining our wellbeing
  • How to spot the signs of eating disorders, addictions and burnout and intervene – before it’s too late
  • Understanding and overcoming perfectionism, procrastination and imposter syndrome
  • How to thrive, not just survive, at work and in life
  • How to create an atmosphere of psychological safety so your employees feel safe to bring their whole selves to work
  • How to build emotional resilience and manage stress in healthy ways
  • How to lead courageously, with vulnerability and authenticity
  • How to love yourself, love your life and find love

Official Feedback from In-Person & Virtual Events

"Katherine was very personable and very easy to listen to and her talk was informative and reliable. The brief was met totally and the structure of the talk was good. Every time I thought of a question it was answered. I think a lot of people may have recognised some of the signs in themselves and realised they were engaged in addictive behaviours" - Kate, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Electrical Industries Charity

"Katherine's openness and bravery to share really helped to make her talk authentic. She was able to share her experience in a positive way to help others and her passion for this shone through. Her talk helped me to identify red flags and gave me positive, practical tips to deal with things and turn them around. I would absolutely recommend Katherine as a speaker" - Audience member, Electrical Industries Charity

"I think the talk was pitch-perfect in what it covered and how it was delivered, and I think the attendees really benefited from it, and I hope it will open up further and deeper conversations. I was particularly struck by your story about being in the hotel room and eating in the minibar. I think it really gave the rest of your talk authenticity and honesty because you really had gone through it and come out the other side. I would wholeheartedly recommend Katherine as a speaker. She understood what we were trying to achieve with her presentation and was helpful and professional, and the actual talk was beautifully presented and of immense benefit to the audience" - Karen, Office Manager, Voucher Codes 

"I felt understood and could relate to how you felt. You covered everything I hoped to hear about - your story, your suffering, your healing, signs to look out for and how to start conversations with others. I'm more aware of how I see food, my control over it and my body, and my relationship with the scales. Katherine's talk was empathetic and sensitive, and her concern for other people and their mental and physical health was obvious." - Voucher Codes 

"Candid, insightful and informative. It was really meaningful to hear such a brave and personal account of such difficult experiences" - Voucher Codes 

"As well as an amazing journalist, Katherine is an inspiring speaker. Katherine hosted a webinar on 'Strengthening Your Confidence to Optimise Performance', which was much appreciated by all attendees. She provided advice and techniques on how to adapt through the COVID 19 period. Her talk blended her personal experience with her vast professional experience. If I had the opportunity, I would take advantage of Katherine's speaking and motivational services again." – Florentina Diacu, Bureau van Dijk

"I met Katherine at The Inspire’d Stage in London, where she delivered a talk that was refreshingly real and from the soul. In a world in which hiding our feelings and looking for quick fixes on the outside seems to be the advice du jour, Katherine is a breath of fresh air." – Lidija Markovic Rosati, International NLP Trainer and Master Coach

"A really engaging workshop which enabled the students to consider their underlying issues with body image. Within a safe and trusting environment, Katherine offered a range of accessible coping mechanisms. This is invaluable work which gave the students a safe place to examine deep-rooted, often taboo body image concerns. Feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive." – J. Winters Sixth Form Tutor, Bromley High School, Kent

"Our centre would like to thank Katherine for her workshop on eating disorders and coping mechanisms. Katherine challenges students to pause and take a moment to reflect upon themselves as young adults. Katherine’s own experiences will probably have struck a chord with many sitting within the hall whether they admit it or not. Our centre is very grateful to Katherine for highlighting the many triggers that can cause complications and ensuring students know what options they have." - David Bailey, Head of Sixth Form, Our Lady's Convent High School, Hackney, London

"Thank you Katherine for sharing your story with us at the Valuation Office Agency on Time to Talk Day. I know it resonated with a lot of people in one way or another and made us stop and think wherever we are on our wellbeing journey, which can be a different place every day. I know colleagues felt really safe to share personal stories they may not have done previously, So thank you for creating that environment," - Charlotte, Head of Operational Leadership Capability & Wellbeing at Valuation Office Agency

"Thank you Katherine - it was such a courageous story and yet inspirational for others (including myself) on how to spot the warning signs and how to look after yourself before you become burnt out. Your words were very wise and soothing" - Tracy, Regional Valuation Lead at Valuation Office Agency

“I was delighted to have Katherine join as a guest speaker for the ‘Dorset Leaders Wellbeing Summit’ in association with Light On and Dorset Mind. Katherine is authentic, inspiring and speaks from the heart. She gave an engaging session on how we can all aim for ‘Full potential with wellbeing’” - Laura, Founder of Collaborative

“Katherine is an excellent speaker and her Pondero talk about managing difficult feelings in healthy ways was engaging, enjoyable and honest. She connected with the audience so that everyone benefited from her insights – we could have continued the session for the rest of the day,” – Ronnie, Founder of CareerBreakPeople and Pondero