Jillian Haslam

Renowned Philanthropist Who Grew Up In Crippling Poverty

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"From Homeless Hunger to helping hundreds: Lost four siblings to malnutrition and poverty; spent nine months homeless living on the streets under staircases; Found a home in the slums of Calcutta; Was teased and groped by slum boys; Saved the life of a fifth sibling; mothered two little ones form the age of 8; Was terrorized by being locked in a dark bathroom of flying cockroaches. This fair blonde British girl who grew up in the mean streets of Calcutta said "I'm going to fight" and so she did against all odds to prove to be the True Slumdog Millionaire.” - The Telegraph

"Life lessons in Loreto school: "A date with the Slumdog Star - it isn't every day that a nobody becomes a somebody and that too someone not froma remote city but form lanes and alleys in the city of Calcutta. The millionaire motivator speaker and author spoke to children on the importance of gratitude, respect, associations, attitude, manners and excuses. The principal summed up the enthusiasm among the students "It was truly a date with a star." - The Telegraph (Metro)

"The Horror & the Hope: "Hats off to a fighter: Dozens of letters flowed into the newspaper. Heartbreaking statements like "Jillian's inspirational story should be included in textbooks as a lesson for children."; I cried in pain and then cried in relief. I have never seen, heard or imagined such poverty and misery. I salute you Jillian; Jillian is an institution. Her life is full of lessons. She is an icon; Jillian has made India proud, a worthy example.“ - The Telegraph

"Our Leading Lights: "I engage with most of my more sympathetic subjects when I write about them but Jillian Haslam's story moved me to tears from the moment I started working on her for my Leading Lights column in the Asian Voice weekly newspaper. If I didn't feel Indian it would be a disgrace Jillian says. I have never been affected so much by writing a column."Rani Singh, BBC Broadcaster, Forbes India, and Author: Sonia Gandhi: An Extraordinary Life, An Indian Destiny, Foreword by Mikhail Gorbachev." - Rani Singh, BBC Broadcaster

"A shocking read. Jillian suffered an excruciating childhood but her determination of a better life helped her rise above the horrific circumstances and made her a successful businesswoman. A truly inspirational story." - Channel 5

"Female Gifted & Asian - Record Breaker: "Jillian Haslam was crowned the first runner up for the 2012 Asian Woman of the Year in the social and humanitarian category. A more heartbreaking story is hard to come by and yet her success is truly amazing."The Independent Banker on Charity mission: "A bond that moves you to love the country even when you have been humiliated in the worst manner and a bond that lays no blame but replaces everything with forgiveness and respect, more so for a majority of the people including the poorest of the poor who saved our lives, and in some cases put their lives on the line in order to save ours. While some people hurt us for no reason, so many others helped us survive and gave us the hope to go on," said Jillian." - The Times

"Coming back to give: "A childhood of extreme poverty in India has spurred author Jillian Haslam to reach out to underprivileged children. There are two kinds of people in the world - those who break under adversity and those who take it as a challenge and rise above it. Jillian Haslam belongs to the second category” - The Hindu

"A country girl at heart: We quiz the Indian.English. girl whether she considers herself English or Indian. She says emphatically, though I have no control over my ancestry or genes, I am a hundred percent Indian" - Society Magazine

Hunger for Life: - "knowing starvation, she and her sister would dig in drains for schoolmates tiff leftovers). She knows the value of giving food to a poor kid and wants nothing more but to help people better their lives." - The Pioneer

"Indian. English., Jillian Haslam's unforgettable memoir, makes Slumdog Millionaire look like the fantasy it is!" - Manuel, Filmmaker