James Raath

Co-Founder Of Growth Predictor Index, Employee Engagement Speaker & Author Of 'Love Mondays'

How to hire James Raath

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James' official speaking topics are listed below.

  • What do your vision, strategy and plan mean to your team and organisation?
  • Personal impact in the workplace
  • Unique ability versus common skill
  • Unique teamwork
  • Employee engagement versus entrepreneurial purpose
  • The entrepreneurial mindset shift from service to impact
  • Strategy, people and profit
  • Profile of an elite business mission
  • Leading an elite team
  • Focus and discipline of champions
  • Laws of noble enterprise
  • Ménière’s disease – my story

See what feedback James received from corporate events in which he has appeared:

"As Chairman of 'The Parcel Company' 20 years ago I was privileged enough to have James direct my thoughts regarding the kind of culture I wished to establish in my then small business. Applying the principles I learnt from him, my business grew rapidly as most of my employees began to treat my business as if it were theirs - the results were spectacular. What was more rewarding to me than growth or profit however, was to see 'my people' completely engaged in our workplace, which for the majority of them led to deeply satisfying careers, personal growth and for a few to them 'leaving the nest' and starting out on their own. If investing in people not profit, is your heart, applying what you learn in 'Love Mondays' will see you successful in both" - Hugh, Entrepreneur

“James I have always enjoyed our sessions and have applied the many lessons that you have taught me and my teams with great results. I share your views that we are to include People in all aspects of our business and not just as deliverers of strategy. Everyone, where possible, must be part of the sanctioning of plans etc. and through that you will get buy-in as well as positive outcomes. Due to the environment that one creates in the work place everyone can be excited about Mondays and the week ahead. Once you create that environment and balance, the markets you play in will feel the culture from your business and want to deal with you. From there the battle is already half won.” - Karl, CEO Sizwe Asset Finance (Pty) Ltd

“As a Business Advisor in South Africa, working with CEO’s to grow and develop their business, I came to realise that the problem of getting genuine staff engagement in a company is the biggest threat to business, even bigger than a failing economy. I looked around for a solution and found James Raath.  I came to England in December 2007 for a Training session and have worked with him ever since. His bravery in extreme adversity has inspired me. His book Love Mondays is a breakthrough and I believe it is every CEO’s and business leader’s handbook on how ordinary people can accomplish the extraordinary in any business. By moving beyond staff engagement to embracing their unique ability and entrepreneurial drive, it offers leaders and staff a fresh and highly relevant approach to overcoming the challenges every business faces.” - Michael, CPA. ABP FCIS. FCIBM. DBA (New York)