Erik Wahl

Graffiti Artist, Author & Global Philanthropist

How to hire Erik Wahl

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When he is booked for events, Erik is known to discuss the following topics.

The Art of Vision - Erik supplies businesses with an insight into sustainable growth through creativity and innovation. He believes in the power of standing out, so teaches corporate audiences how branding can lead to market-dominance. Through the art of story telling, Erik unlocks his audience's creative potential. 

The Art of Leadership - Connecting with leaders on a personal level, Erik relates to the struggles of constant innovation. He inspires a new way of thinking, by combining emotion with business he teaches audiences how to resonate with their target consumers. Erik discusses how to attract and maintain high-performance team members, at events. 

Unthink - When booked for events, Erik promotes the valuable message that creativity is for every, single profession, not just the chosen few. His keynote speeches coax audiences out of their comfort zone, to unlock their creative potential. The perfect speaker for workplaces stuck in a rut, he can reignite a team with passion and innovation. 

The Sparkle & The Grind: The Discipline of Creativity - Erik supplies an infrastructure for innovation, allowing businesses to embrace their creative potential. He believes that structure creates freedom, a driving message that sets Erik's keynote speeches apart on the circuit. If your team requires a new outlook, Erik will disrupt the status quo to inject innovation.