Dr. Christian Conte

Certified Emotional Management Specialist Who Created the Yield Theory

How to hire Dr. Christian Conte

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When he is booked for events, Dr. Christian Conte is known to discuss the following topics.

Emotional Management – As a certified anger management specialist, Dr Conte has developed a toolbox of strategies for tackling challenging emotions, like anger and frustration. His speeches discuss the importance of maintaining emotional control, even when faced with great pressure, and open his audience’s eyes to the truth about heightened emotions.

The Prison System – The subject of Dr Conte’s TED talk, his revolutionary approach to rehabilitating violent offenders, coined the Yield Theory, focuses on compassion. Rather than villainizing prisoners, which has resulted in nearly 7/10 reoffending, Dr Conte promotes the power of empathy and communication, to interrupt negative behavioral patterns.

Communication – Dr Conte teaches that compassion, rather than sympathy, is the catalyst for positive interpersonal relationships. This starts with communication. The mental health speaker teaches audiences the best way to approach high emotion situations, coaching business managers, sports coaches and political leaders alike. With Dr Conte, the secrets to optimum communication are unveiled.

Conflict Resolution – We will all face conflict, whether in our jobs, the street or our relationships. De-escalating situations with high-frustration levels can decrease feelings of defensiveness and anger, allowing for better communication. Dr Conte teaches corporate teams how to find resolution in the face of conflict.

High-Performance Corporate Teams – Working closely with corporate audiences, Dr Conte teaches business managers the secrets to high performance teams. Including communication and conflict resolution, his comprehensive speaking topic covers all factors that contribute to optimum teamwork, supplying audiences with a toolbox for success.