Buki Mosaku

Founder of Diversecity Think Tank, Workplace Bias Navigation Expert & Consultant

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Buki's official speaking topics are listed below:

  • Navigating Workplace Bias: How to Think, What to Say, When to Say it and The Way to Say it! - Drawing on his IDU? Methodology Buki equips organisations with skills to navigate what he describes as the inevitability of workplace bias

  • 10 Universal Mistakes Most Organisations Make in Tackling Workplace Bias - Buki shows how guilt-driven inclusion solutions cause 99% of organisations to unwittingly make ten glaring mistakes in addressing workplace bias that dooms their efforts to failure

  • Navigating Gender Bias in the Workplace: Lessons from Tackling Racial Bias - Drawing on his acclaimed article in the Female Lead Buki shares lessons from tackling racial bias to navigating gender bias in the workplace

  • Bias Navigation for Leaders! Be Open to: Bias Call Out and Calling Out Reverse Bias - Buki shows leaders the career stifling effects of Reverse Bias and why not calling it out at the moment is a dereliction of duty. He also shows leaders the importance of being open to being called out for bias too.

  • Race to the Top! How to Bridge the Minority (and all Marginalised Groups) Gap in Leadership - Shows leaders how to bridge the minority gap through the adoption of bias navigation strategies and tactics

  • X-Factor- Exponential Growth for Diverse teams - Maximise the potential of diverse teams and multiply their results exponentially regardless of actual, sensed, or perceived obstacles. Teams acquire a mindset conducive to quantum shifts in performance

  • Diversity and Inclusion: What You Need to Know and Why it’s Good for Business - Buki shows organisations what, why and how of diversity and inclusion and then provides a template for effective diversity and inclusion management

  • Black History Month

"It's fascinating what you do... I've learnt a bit more... You've done a fine job, so I'm grateful" - Nick Ferrari, LBC and Sky

"Wow Buki you really do talk so much sense, I could listen to you all day. We need to have a better understanding of reverse bias and work together. You should be a mandatory part of any firm's training program" - Tracey, Founder, Trivium London Consulting, HR Advice for Alternative Asset Management Sector

"Buki is a fantastic speaker, he keeps everyone engaged and delivers with such energy. His passion shines through and I have been able to use what I have learnt on this course with many other topics too." - Amanda, Aston Lark

"This was an excellent training session. I feel strongly that it should be rolled out to all Aon colleagues as a compulsory session to help develop an inclusive culture where all colleagues are respected and better understand their interactions. This will also help with working with our clients." - Ian, Aon

"It was an incredibly insightful session, which all should take notes from. Discussing sensitive topics that corporate companies usually don’t like to talk about was needed to break the barrier of formality. I would recommend all to join the session." - Minahil, Sky 

"It was fantastic. I thought the way of reframing and rethinking how to deal with gender bias was impactful. Your statement of us continuing to do the same thing over and over expecting different results resonated with me. And the tangible skills provided for calling out bias in a manner of enquiry was very valuable." - Mercedes, Prime Electric 

"I have never seen such enthusiasm shown on a webinar before. Buki should be Prime Minister !!" - Aviva Broker

"Buki Mosaku thank you for an interactive and engaging session and for giving Sky colleagues some tips on how to navigate bias in the workplace (race and gender), loved your energy" - Resham, Sky

  • 2021-  Author of I Don’t Understand? A Practical Guide to Navigating Bias in the Workplace
  • 2019 - Founder of DiverseCity Think Tank, Bias Navigation Experts and D&I Consultants
  • 2019 - Author of IDU? Methodology: Workplace Bias Navigation Methodology
  • 2000 - Founder of RosAcad - Results Oriented Sales Academy