Briana Scurry

The First Female African American To Be Inducted To The US' Soccer Hall Of Fame

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Briana's official speaking topics are listed below.

Overcoming Obstacles – Faced with injury and disappointment, Briana has had to overcome several challenges on her journey to becoming a double Olympic gold medalist. The legendary goalkeeper is a pioneer of diversity, and has defied expectation both on and off of the pitch. Hear her secrets to overcoming obstacles when you book Briana for your event.

Teambuilding – The success of a football club is credited to the quality of their teamwork. This has given Briana a valuable insight into high-performance teams, and the steps needed to achieve optimum communication, leadership and interpersonal relationships. Briana teaches corporate audiences the secrets to uniting their team under a common goal.

Diversity & Minority Issues – As a member of the LGBT+ community, and an African American woman, Briana has faced discrimination on all sides. This has given her a unique personal insight into the issues faced by minorities, a perspective that will open audience’s eyes to a struggle they may not be familiar with – and could have unconsciously contributed to. As a diversity speaker, Briana shows corporate audiences the power of inclusion.

Setting & Achieving Goals – In the “beautiful game”, Briana is no stranger to goals; both literally and figuratively. Her valuable understanding of setting reasonable, yet challenging goals, entices audiences, inspiring them to push their own personal and professional potential. A speaker like Briana will set audiences on a trajectory for success.

"True Colors hosts the largest LGBT youth conference in the country. Briana’s story, which she shared at a keynote session, was an inspiration to youth and adult attendees, alike. We appreciated her candor, her realness and her ability to relate not only to such a large audience, but one-on-one as youth lined up to speak with her after." - Robin McHaelen, Executive Director of True Colors

"Briana Scurry is a fascinating speaker whose portrayals of her world class experiences both on and off the field captivate the audience. She makes her presentations relevant to the listeners." - Mary Jane Bender, Executive Director of Illinois Youth Soccer Association

"Briana Scurry has served as an incredible role model for youth in our after-school program, particularly girls. Briana has a special ability to relate to and connect with soccer players of all ages and experience levels and has made an indelible impact on those she’s taught and spoken to. We couldn’t be more thankful to Briana for her investment in DC SCORES and our poet-athletes!" - Jake Lloyd, Communications Director, DC SCORES

"From her beginnings as the youngest of nine growing up playing soccer in Minnesota through her unforgettable Olympic goal medal and World Cup performances and into the ongoing challenges of life after a career ending concussion, Briana Scurry’s story is as moving as it is extraordinary. Her talk, delivered with all the raw and intense emotion of a personal conversation between close friends, takes you on a journey from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, and back again. With a message of love, hope, and perseverance, Briana Scurry’s Keynote will delight, encourage, and inspire your audience and give them something to talk about for years to come." - Bryan Thomas Pugh, Executive Director of Brain Injury Association of Maryland

"Bri Scurry is an amazing woman and her life story and experiences resonate deeply with audiences. From corporate executives, to policy wonks, to women who idolized the 1999 team, to young girls who have heard the ’99 stories, she educates, motivates and inspires. Bri is outstanding at connecting with audiences honestly and personally — she always builds in a lot of time to answer questions and have a dialogue. Every time I hear her speak, I am thrilled to see that everyone in the room is energized not only because she’s a soccer legend, but also because she’s a true American role model." - Holly O’Donnell, Executive Director, America SCORES

"Briana Scurry is a passionate, enthusiastic, and effective speaker with a unique ability to draw an audience in and leave a lasting impression. The U.S. Soccer Foundation is proud to work with Briana. This past year, Briana attended and spoke at a few of our events that featured some of our largest partners. Not only did she give remarks, but she stayed and interacted with our guests, which helped us continue to solidify and grow our relationships. We look forward to working with Briana in the future and growing our impact nationwide – together." - Ed Foster-Simeon, President & CEO of the U.S. Soccer Foundation

  • 2017 - Inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame
  • 2011 - Named in the inaugural class of the Anoka Highschool Hall of Fame 
  • 2004 - Won a second gold medal at the Athens Olympics 
  • 2003 - Named WUSA Goalkeeper of the Year
  • 2001 - Played in the first season of the  Women's United Soccer Association, the first women's league in the world where all the players were paid professionally 
  • 1999 - Named Best Goalkeeper at the World Cup
  • 1999 - Won the World Cup
  • 1996 - Won a gold medal at the Atlanta Olympics 
  • Capped 173 times by the US National Team