Alvin Law

Radio Broadcaster, Founder of AJL Communications Ltd, Author of "Alvin's Laws of Life", Canadian Disability Hall of Fame Inductee, Star of "Alvin, His Best Foot Forward" & "Extraordinary People" Documentaries





Alvin's Laws of Life: 5 Steps to Successfully Overcome Anything

Alvin's Laws of Life: 5 Steps to Successfully Overcome Anything

Alvin Law received a 4 star rating across 5 events in 2023

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility
"Alvin Law, a globally renowned, award-winning motivational speaker, epitomises resilience and positivity. Born without arms due to Thalidomide, he overcame immense challenges, thriving academically and professionally. His empowering story and impactful speeches inspire countless individuals, proving adversity can be transformed into strength."

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Alvin's official speaking topics are listed below.

  • A Mindset of 'Yes'
  • What Could You Accomplish?
  • How Far Could You Go?
  • Change the Label
  • Yes, I Can: 5 Steps to Successfully Overcome Anything

Official Feedback from In-Person & Virtual Events

Feedback from In-Person & Virtual Events:

"I’m not a huge fan of motivational speakers – I firmly believe that you can’t impose motivation on others, it has to come from inside them. Alvin owns his own motivation, and ignites it in others because he models the behaviour he speaks about. He lives it every day. He doesn’t tell people to change – they want to change after seeing him." - Paul, CEO, Excellence Squared Ltd

"Each time he spoke, it felt like the first time he was saying any of it. After 3 times, his presentation still felt fresh and real, never canned or rehearsed. He crafted his story and his message directly to the specific audience, and each time they were in awe. Age, income level, background – none of that mattered. Alvin hit home with each and every one of them. Alvin is not your typical motivational speaker – he’s an experience, and one you remember long afterward. He bypasses all your usual resistance and speaks directly to your heart. He’s genuine, a human being telling a powerful, real story that you can’t help but recognize and relate to. He’s not promoting himself or promoting a book – he’s not promoting anything other than life. You’ll never get better value from a speaker, or a more genuine, impactful presentation." - Herb, General Manager, Oakdale Golf & Country Club

"There are tons of subject matter experts – it’s not difficult to find 10 speakers on conflict management or marketing, for example – but there’s only one Alvin. How many speakers can make a room full of CEO’s quit whining and get on with it? He is a powerful storyteller and although his circumstances are unique, his story is universal. He forces you to reflect on your own mental boundaries, and you end up thinking “well, what’s my excuse?” He takes away any excuse you’ve got! Alvin doesn’t offer platitudes or canned motivational jargon – he speaks from his life, and you can’t deny the truth of what he says because there he is, living that truth in front of you. All of our members found him awe-inspiring and motivational… and they’re not an easy group to impress. I’ve seen well over a hundred speakers, and I can’t imagine anyone from any walk of life who wouldn’t benefit from hearing Alvin’s story. Once you hear him, you’re changed for the better – his message sticks with you, and you’re a lot less likely to suffer under your own self-imposed limitations or obstacles. He’s a genuine, funny and relatable speaker. Alvin is not a nice-to-have. He’s a must-have." - Kevin, Chairman, Academy of Chief Executives

  • 2023 - Motivational Speaker for Falmouth Middle School on "leaving the world better than they found it"
  • 2018 - Inducted into the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame
  • 2007 - Author of "Alvin's Laws of Life: 5 Steps to Successfully Overcome Anything"
  • 1988 - Founder of AJL Communications Ltd
  • 1978 - Star of the "Alvin, His Best Foot Forward" documentary
  • Star of the "Extraordinary People" documentary
  • Served on the National Board of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers