How To Deliver The Perfect Keynote Speech

A career as a keynote speaker might seem easy, but in actual fact it can be more difficult than you might imagine. However, if done successfully it can be an extremely rewarding industry to work in especially when you are able to discuss topics that are of particular interest to you. Some of the most successful keynote speakers around know to keep it simple. Covering issues that they have a strong knowledge on and sticking to this focus. Things can go wrong when you stray off track so it’s important to not talk about a topic unless you are fully versed in it.

Here at the Champions Speakers agency, we have an abundance of expert keynote speakers who specialise in a range of areas making them perfect for all kinds of events and conferences. Our speakers all have certain qualities that have helped them reach the top of their game and establishing themselves as some of the most sought-after individuals on the circuit. Below are just a few of the qualities that are needed to deliver the perfect keynote speech.

Don’t Panic If Something Goes Wrong

It is rare for a keynote speaker to go their entire career without something going wrong during one of their talks. Whether this is technical difficulties, a heckling audience or simply losing your train of thought, it is important to remain calm and carry on when this happens.

The worst thing to do in these scenarios is overthink the situation as this could result in a domino effect which would be detrimental to your entire speech. Instead, gather your thoughts, remain focused on the topic you are discussing and don’t let it phase you. If appropriate even make a joke about what has happened, this will also relax your audience as getting flustered will only draw more attention to the error.

Stick To A Time Limit

While it can be easy to go off on a tangent as a keynote speaker, especially when talking about something which you are passionate about, often other things will be going on during the event you are speaking at and so you will be required to stick to a time limit.

Even if this isn’t the case, it is still advised to set yourself a limit for how long you should talk for. Even the most fascinating of topics can become tiresome for an audience if the speech goes on for too long. There is nothing worse than your audience becoming bored and on average a good keynote speaker will talk for around 20-45 minutes, anything longer than an hour is probably too long. Allow time for questions to as a Q&A at the end of a talk is always interesting but you are more likely to receive insightful questions from the audience if they are still engaged with you and the topic.

Give It A Beginning, Middle & End

There is nothing worse than thinking “what’s the point?” when listening to a keynote speaker so as well as making your topic interesting to listen to their needs to be a coherent beginning, middle and end which audiences can follow easily.

Waffling on for too long or on something that doesn’t completely run in line with your topic can make it become disjointed. A way to combat this is to practices and rehearse as much as possible. By doing this you can refine your performance so when it comes to actually showcasing it in front of a real audience. Present your talk to friends and family so you are able to receive some honest feedback about what works best and this can help you structure it accordingly.

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