Craig Goldblatt – Inspirational Speaker

The art of motivational speaking is an extremely difficult one to master. It takes a combination of technique, experience, charisma and an ability to take your audience on a journey that drives them to achieve their goals.

For over a decade, Craig Goldblatt has delivered inspirational keynote speeches around the globe to his diverse set of clients, from some of the world’s most successful organisations to individual entrepreneurs. Craig’s passion and enthusiasm have endeared him to countless people and he has changed lives around the world.

Craig strongly believes in embracing life and making a real difference to others. Recently, he has founded a children’s charity called ‘Giving Africa’ and had put his career on hold to establish a new school in Burkina Faso.

On Sunday 24th January, Craig starred on ‘Be more. Achieve more.’ with Chris Cooper on Voice America in which he described his experiences travelling all over the world and delivering motivational speeches.

To listen to Craig’s appearance on Challenge Life by Living on Purpose visit Voice America.

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