After Dinner Speaker: Pen Hadow

Pen Hadow has survived some of the most challenging and hostile environments in the world.  Featuring on the front of newspapers in 2003, Pen had achieved his long-term goal of becoming the first person to trek without resupply from Canada to the North Pole. Within months Pen then became the first Britain to have trekked without resupply to both Poles of the earth.

pen hadow

Pen combined his entrepreneurial and environmental interests together in 1995 to found the polar guide service, The Polar Travel Company. Showing that not only can Pen take on the most demanding of human challenges, he can also combine his business nous to make a lucrative solution to matching his hobbies with his livelihood.

Pen’s experiences in life make him a truly wonderful after dinner speaker, creating thought provoking and engaging talks that are tailored to a client’s individual needs. Ideal for ceremonies, corporate events and dinners, Pen’s anecdotal speeches will give you an insight to the reality of survival in the harshest of places.

Pen’s style of delivery will ensure your guests will go away with advice concerning leadership, motivation, resilience and persistence – characteristics suited to business and social environments alike.

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